Request: MIDI assignment browser/editor

…another thing that would be super-useful would be one unified browser and/or editor for all the MIDI assignments (learn and otherwise) for a pedalboard. that would make it a lot easier to keep assignments organised, rather than being forced to always click through all the various plugin dialogs.



+1 on this one,
I have imagined some details :

  • interface design like real device instead of basic array of rectangles (at least roughly similar rectangle number and arrangement)
  • including the “none” button in a general assignment page, instead of first hiding all other possibilities (many mouse clicks would be saved)
  • possibility of multi-assignment (already discussed in other topics)
  • possibility of overwriting existing assignment instead of having to delete existing first, then create new ; maybe ask confirmation with a popup dialog.
  • for Gen plugins, possibility of assignment to a button for other purposes than bypass (pressing the button would for example send a 0/1 signal).
  • possibility to change button behavior : latch or temporary
    Thanks for reading.

let me add another detail :

  • display all parameter names on the assignment grid, to get a general idea of the assignments when you make a new one
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