Replacement power supply

I’ve managed to lose my Mod Duo power supply (I probably left it at the last gig). How would I go about getting a replacement?

Would a generic part such as this one work?
That one is 12V DC, 3A max, connector Φ5.5x2.1x10mm. Not sure about polarity — is it pretty much standardized? An advantage of ordering it on Amazon for me is that I could get it in time for another gig on Saturday…

That will work. The polarity is correct, central positive.

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Thanks for confirming!

When I found myself in the same situation, a power-supply from and old USB hard-disk helped out (12V, 2 Amp). Those are pretty common and also all that I’ve seen so far have the same polarity.

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@daniel @x42,

Stop getting drunk at gigs!! :grin:


@x42 that’s a great tip — my backup hard drive power supply works, though it’s only 1.5A.

The Duo itself won’t need all the power supplied by the adapter, but it’ll be required when you add Control Chain devices.

Not all power supplies are created equal. There are other specs other than voltage, amperage, and polarity that make for a good power supply such as noise filtering, radiated and conductive EMI, etc…

I’m sure (or I hope) that the MOD team tested for good audio quality and safe functionality.

Sure we did. We picked this power supply out of 3 other already filtered by our requirements. Despite the enclosure looks like any other generic power supply it’s a good quality one.


For what it’s worth, I purchased this one for my Mod DUO and it seems to be working fine so far.