Hi Dear Mod people.

A simple question : My Duo is now about 6 years old and I was wondering what would happen if it suddenly died because of a failing component. Since I am waiting for my Dwarf to arrive, I know I wouldn’t be left without replacement, but out of curiosity, I was wondering how complicated it would be to have it repaired.

Does Mod keep on the side a number of spare parts ?
Can most components be replaced with off-the-shelf new ones ?
And what if (god forbids) Mod Devices went bust ?

I am asking since many people in our community have built many pedalboards that they may want to use for the decades to come. And these pedalboards can only be run on a limited number of devices. So we are kind of dependant on the good health of our current devices and the Mod Devices company.

Someone can replace a broken pedal quite easily, either with an original or a clone. What about Mod Devices pedalboards.

(I know that since most of the software is open-source, there exist hackable solutions, but that might not be something most of the user can do).

Thanks for opening perspectives.


It would be really hard, extremely expensive, and perhaps even a waste of money to do that.

Some yes.

Well this is like any technology with aging. If that happens, I would say that it would be fairly easy to find components to fix the MOD Dwarf by yourself. Slightly harder for the MOD DuoX and a bit more the Duo. Simply, because of aging reasons and components being more scarce in the market.

This is the best side of MOD having a platform. You could always find a way to run your platform on other devices and access all of that. As long as you do frequent backups :wink:

In general, we are still supporting the 3 devices, so if you have any issue you can always reach and we will try to help you get it fixed. This is valid the same way for the MOD Dwarf or for the MOD Duo.


Thanks for this precious information !

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