Remote Pedalboard Tweaking Help Wanted/Offered

Hi all

I love the mod dwarf for the opportunities for multi timbral looping. I.e looping drum samples, octavered bass, and guitars in various tonalities. Boards like

I generally try them out by playing open mics in London. At first it seemed to go quite well, (in a pub with a professional sound back-end and a skilled guy on the mixer). However, thereafter, when playing in places with more basic setups, the hosts would have great difficulty in getting levels right (between my voice and the background). One guy said “the drums were too loud” and should be reduced 30% in the mix.

The problem lies I think in that I tend to try out the pedalboards in a flat where I cant play particularly loud. And so, although the drum sounds sound fine at low volume, at PA volume they sound way too loud.

So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying out a kind of remote pedalboard setting up. That is to say: me going to a rehearsal studio with laptop and mic, putting the dwarf + my vocals into the PA, then someone else via Teams or some other software, would interact with the http://moddwarf.local, but hear the results through feed from a microphone in the room and then adjust it to try and get the level right.

I’d be happy to reciprocate - or even pay.


Just a suggestion. You could send the drums to one output of the Dwarf and the rest to the other one. This way, you would have a track dedicated to the drums on the PA.

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Yeah - I thought about that. But a number of open mic setups really have just two possible inputs - typically the acoustic guitar and the mic - although “backing tracks” are becoming ever more popular now (typically from mobile phones) a stereo input might be more possible. I think I need to have two versions of each pedalboard - a stereo version with the drums isolated - and a mono version with all combined

Don’t you just need to control the drums volume from the Dwarf ?
You can assign it to a knob. And if you still want to change it after the loop is recorded, you can use a stereo looper plugin, send the drums alone to one side and put a volume plugin after the looper. You can still combine things to mono further in the chain if you need.

You can also consider buying the LP3 Basic looper, which has 2 tracks with independent volumes. Try the demo version first.