Release 1.9.0-RC2

Hello all. This is a bugfix for the previous 1.9 release candidate.

We made a few fixes since RC1, some that need a bit more testing,
Everyone that has 1.9-RC1 build installed, please update as soon as possible.
Those who are beta testers will get this upgrade in their mod-ui notification panel.

Please refer to the RC1 topic to read the changes made in 1.9:

Here’s the changelog for RC2:

  • add LED animation for Duo bank navigation with footswitches
  • fix some plugin knobs rendering incorrectly on Google Chrome
  • fix Duo X device volume and CV labels displaying old values
  • fix parameter toggles and bypass not working with CV out addressings
  • fix preset addressing causing slowdowns or device lockup
  • fix MIDI DIN handling of active sensing messages
  • reduce cpu load from the new smooth peak-meters
  • support mod:volts as parameter unit

Here’s the manual download link:
Duo X:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo and/or MOD Duo X.
Let us know if you find any issues.


I guess this will fix the high CPU we were seeing?

side-note: having done a bunch of work now with the new meters, i’m finding they’re working nicely for me! :slight_smile:


one weird thing which i have noticed on this release:

when editing a pedalboard in the browser GUI, the virtual pedalboard graphic display often jumps down to a very small size (showing in the top-left corner of the virtual pedalboard space in the browser winder) right after adding a plugin. then, within less than a second, it jumps back out to regular size.

…not a big deal; everything still works. it’s just an annoying little oddity!

anyone else seeing this?
i’m editing in firefox on manjaro linux.

It is not new for this release, it is something that changed in Firefox that is causing this behaviour.
There was the same issue regarding zooming to plugins, for which I added a workaround. Need to find a way to correct for this too…