Release 1.8.0-RC2

Hello all. This is a bugfix for the previous 1.8 release candidate.

We made some substantial fixes and improvements since RC1.
Everyone that has 1.8-RC1 build installed, please update as soon as possible.
Those who are beta testers will get this upgrade in their mod-ui notification panel.

Please refer to the RC1 topic to read the changes made in 1.8:

Here’s the changelog for RC2:

  • do not change BPM when loading a pedalboard if sync mode is link or midi
  • implement controller list pagination for banks and pedalboards list
  • load tap-tempo addressings in pedalboards as tempo divider
  • support for linking BPM ports to musical subdivision of host tempo
  • fix audio noise issues on Duo units
  • fix screenshot generation with connected CV plugins
  • fix aggregated midi connections not appearing in screenshots
  • fix tempo divider options to work with actuator groups
  • small cosmetic fixes

Known Issues:

  • addressing a tempo divider as actuator group does not wrap-around last/first values

Here’s the manual download link:
Duo X:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo / MOD Duo X.
Please let us know of any issues!

can you offer any more details about this issue?
is this a fix related to the kernel buffering problem discussed here:



@falkTX. Done in my ModDuo. No issues for while. Thanks !!

Can it be that the Bass Cabinet gives an error on the modx?. The Gui says: Ërror adding effect" Until now it’s the only plugin that won’t load.

you are correct, we did not notice. @BramGiesen is handling the plugins, I will notify him.

This seem like a copy af my message on Bass Cabinets - MOD Devices. 23 days ago, So it seems that wasn’t picked up and it was not the right place to put this question. Is it possible to explain a bit of the logic behind this so I won;t make this mistake anymore

ah my bad, the integration with plugin info and pedalboards is not the best, there is too much noise in that section usually so I often ignore it.
better to post in the bugs category of the forum next time, instead of commenting on the plugin page.

Hi @FanchLoric @hanslas , the problem regarding the Bass Cabsim has been fixed, I have just pushed a new version to the store that addresses the loading issue. It should work after upgrading the plugin to version 1.0-4.



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cool !! thanks

Nice work. I’m excited to try that in the rehearsal room. But I will miss the tuner. It doesn’t work anymore with the Mod Duo. The headphone output is also very quiet.

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…just talking to myself here! :wink: i’m asking this question because it seems, empirically, like this noise issue is SOLVED, which is ridiculously exciting!! :star_struck:

on my DUO, the pitched whine of the buffering noise has always been clearly audible; the hardware fix offered by MOD improved it greatly, but it was still only on the edge of acceptability for me in recording situations.

this update, however, changes the background noise into pretty clean, neutral hiss. at 128 frames, the pitched noise has disappeared within the hiss – i really can’t pick it out. at 256 frames, the pitched noise is audible, but only barely.

this is a huge step forward! i’m now confident to take the DUO into recording situations without a noise gate.

huge thanks to the MOD team – this is a fix we’ve been eagerly awaiting for a while now! :grinning:


It took a while, and we were pressured by some people who were very vocal about it too…
Turns out the true-bypass relays were not properly shut, and it was leaking noise. their gpios were not being set correctly, now hopefully fixed for all units…
we still have to do the same for duox units though, coming soon in another update.

it was strange that we in the team were never able to reproduce the issue until very recently.
reproducing a problem helps a LOT when it comes to fixing things :smile:

EDIT: yes, it is related to the kernel driver. as usual, it is a few magic lines that make all the difference…


Great news @falkTX! I Just need to know… Is the hardware fix still needed in order for the software fix to work?

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hmmmm… after some more testing, i’m gonna step back my enthusiasm a bit. :frowning: i’ve changed too many variables here: new preamps in front of the Duo, plus unfamiliarity with the new Duo Input/Output gain paradigm. …running just the Duo, with no input and no plugins, the noise is clearly still there.

it’ll take me some more time, properly calibrating my whole setup, to have a really good sense of what’s going on…

still, i do have a sense that it’s much improved! :slight_smile:

if you are coming from 1.6, the introduction of user profiles will very likely make so that your previous gain settings were lost. not intentional though

right. thanks!

after a bunch of work on gain staging, here are my findings:

  1. digital noise is constant (i.e. the whiny, obnoxious bit), regardless of in or out gain settings.
  2. it seems like increasing input level adds more neutral hiss than increasing output level.
  3. since digital noise is constant, it makes sense to keep output level high, as long as subsequent equipment can handle it.
  4. if i keep pre-DUO preamp levels good and healthy, such that DUO input at ~30%, and DUO output at 100% gives me a healthy output signal with reasonable headroom, then both neutral hiss and digital noise are acceptably low (and there’s just enough hiss to do a decent job of masking the digital whine).
  5. with a hotter pre-amp level, i can drop the DUO input to 0% for less overall noise, but then it’s pretty much entirely digital whine – input at 30% sounds like a good trade-off to me.
  6. there’s more digital noise on input 1 than on input 2 – use only input 2 if your source is mono!

…i’d be really interested in anybody else’s observations and habits about these sorts of things! :slight_smile:

cheers, all!


are user profiles actually fully implemented on the DUO? …doesn’t seem like levels get stored/recalled properly.

Great guys, Thanx to everyone!

‘Update All’ doesn’t update all installed plugins. At some point it just said it’s done. But there are some left that I can update manually.