Release 1.8.0-RC2

Did you have a category chosen? I have seen this before, but did not investigate it too much.
I added it to our backlog. 1.8 seems to need a few things before calling it stable, some are regressions and some are old things that we did not notice before.
We will try to fix as much as possible for this release.

Also, in regards to audio noise, we decided to make it a priority.
One thing we discovered today is that controller display brightness affects the noise.
At 25, 50 and 75% the controller introduces noise :frowning: (around 12.5kHz with some harmonics)
This is not the case when brightness is at 0 or 100%.


oooooohhh… great to know that! thanks a lot, @falkTX!

DIN MIDI input has some issues, both on this branch and on 1.7.

If I connect a Sensel Morph (MIDI controller) to the Duo X (USB MIDI), then things work as expected, if I connect it to a Deluge which is connected to the Duo X via DIN MIDI, then nothing works properly.

  1. The Duo X only plays notes on note OFF signals sent from the Morph
  2. Stuck notes all the time
  3. 100% CPU quite often (maybe related to stuck notes)

If I connect the Deluge to the Duo X through a Retrokits R-004, then I lose polyphony and get tons of stuck notes. No problem if I connect the same setup to Maschine per example.
So there are some strange incompatibilities on the DIN port.

What about under 1.8?

Same problem. I upgraded to 1.8 RC2 to see if it made a difference, but didn’t.
I’m happy to provide logs if it can help and you tell me what you need.

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One more issue. If I leave the device alone for a bit, it freezes. The GUI is disconnected. It’s impossible to go to settings from the device, etc. The only solution is to unplug the Duo X.

I didn’t have to wait too long this time. Sound disappeared, I managed to go to settings. Going to info showed all services as unknown, then backlight went out, screen froze and bottom left button turned purple.

Just to conform that I’m also having the same problem with 1.8.0-RC2 on my Duo (kickstarter 2nd batch) - RC1 had the same issue.

The tuner display appears, and it mutes the signal (when muting is set). Signal indicators light up but just the big question mark in the middle of the tuner display.

This is a bit of a showstopper for me so may have to revert for now.

I love the redesigned menus so look forward to using the new version!

All the best