Release 1.6.0

Hi everybody,

I’m happy to announce the official launch of stable release v1.6.0 - aka “the return of the living dead”.

This release’s main focus is around the introduction of our commercial plugin store!
On top of that a few small additions will help alleviate some problems that we’ve been discussing around here.

What’s new:

  • New Plugin Store with support for commercial plugins:
    This is the official launch of our commercial plugin store. I hope this will bring new sounds that will blow everybody’s mind (I really do!).
  • New implementation for pedalboard screenshot:
    Faster, more reliable, all you ever asked for.
  • Renaming unstable -> beta:
    We no longer call plugins “unstable”, from now on we call them “beta”.
  • Sharing pedalboards with beta plugins is enabled:
    We’re delighted this was so heavily discussed in this community because it shows how important the promotion of plugins has become. We hope this will be one step in the right direction.
  • Settings button:
    At the bottom right side you’ll see a gear icon. There’s a screen full of surprises there (if you haven’t seen them before).
  • Display brightness control menu option:
    It is now possible to dimmer down the backlights of the MOD Duo displays. Simply go to the Settings - long-press of Knob 1 - and adjust it to your wishes.
  • Minors:
    • improve encoders usability
    • bugfix when switching pb’s with a footswitch and scrolling through other banks at the same time (edited)
    • added ‘featured’ section to plugin store
    • fixed plugin version format to avoid confusion
    • fixed bug where tab tempo input text was cut off

The wiki has the release candidates and all changes listed.

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically. :slight_smile:

We hope you all enjoy it and please report back any issues if you find them.



Have fun :wink:

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For those interested in the full list of commercial plugins, here it is:





yeah, it’d be nice if there was a way to filter the store list to show the commercial ones…


Will there be stereo plugin versions of the Overtone and K-Devices plugins?

Greetings and God bless,



The more responsive encoder is super-sensitive! I’m pretty sure that once I’m used to exactly how it responds, it’ll save me a couple of seconds between pedalboard changes, which is good! :slight_smile:


When clicking on MIDI PORTS in the panel while being in Plugin Store the Panel becomes dark and isn’t clickable anymore.

Thanks for reporting this. I confirm that I can reproduce the problem. Also the BPM pop-up doesn’t work while in the Plugin Store. We’ll get that issue fixed.

The easy workaround is to switch back to the constructor before clicking those options.

A couple of minor issues I found:

When powering on the Duo, the Display Brightness value is set to a default instead of the last selected value.

Also, it seems that the left knob (at least), has become very sensitive while in the settings menu. It is easy to jump pass the setting you want while turning the knob. It also makes it more difficult to push the knob to save a setting without the cursor jumping to another setting without saving the one you wanted to modify.

My last one is more of an annoyance… Is it possible to ask the plugin developpers to add a description of what their effect/pedal is for? It is not easy to know which pedal to select when three of them are named “Mixer” and none have a description … I find this primarily in the “Beta” plugins.

Thanks !


hard to quantify, of course, but i believe i’m getting more xruns with this version ( – i’m running a pedalboard that i’ve used before, and which sits at about 65-70% CPU load at 256 frames. previously, that would run glitch-free. now, even though the load looks cool, and the CPU meter never goes into orange or red territory, there seems to be 1 xrun maybe every 5 minutes or so. …and the xrun produces a rather spikey and loud click, which seems more objectionable than when i have previously pushed the MOD into xrun territory.

it’s troubling – not sure i can now take this into performance, when previously i used this pedalboard all the time.

anyone else seeing this sort of thing with 1.6?

might this possibly behave differently when connected to the browser GUI, versus running untethered? (right now, i’m seeing this while tweaking some pedalboard parameters in the GUI)

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I wondered about a beta plugin yesterday that had clicks that sounded like xruns but the cpu load was at 20%. I don’t remember the name of the plugin.

I’ve been noticing a lot of xruns recently, especially on CPU heavy boards. I don’t know if that’s just because I’ve been building and learning a lot over the last few months and am more generally aware now.

Last night I was using a board with just Fluid Drums, Triceratops (synth), and SooperLooper and many of the Triceratops presets were unusable, which I don’t remember being the case from last time I tried a few months ago. I would press a key or few, the audio would get real glitchy and then the web interface would disconnect.

Like you said, it’s hard to tell just from memory and anecdotal testing, but I feel the like web interface is a little less stable than before. Next time I’m working on stuff I’ll open whatever process monitoring is available on the Duo and look for spikes from the web interface.

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i just rebooted the MOD and left that pedalboard running for 2 hours; it accumulated 14 xruns during that time.

in my experience with one of my pedalboards (which has pretty much the same CPU load than your pedalboard) there is a big difference if I am just using the MOD or if I open the web interface in my browser.

It runs totally stable (at least as much as I know) if I run the MOD standalone - but if I open the web interface the MOD acts sluggish, has load spikes to 100% and I guess xruns occur.

Maybe the CPU meter (it is helpful and looks cool) in the web interface is pretty hard on the CPU load.

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Same here
Cpu load jumps from 50% to 100% quite often when the web-interface is open.

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thanks, @brusch and @CharlyRebell! yeah, i’ve often felt as though things are more stable when running untethered, but it’s difficult to quantify that… i guess we need an xrun indicator and/or CPU meter on the MOD itself, so we can really figure out how our boards are performing.

something that keeps an xrun count in the background, which you can then look at and reset via the long-press left knob menu would be a fine start, and should be easy to implement?

fyi: Xrun counter on DUO


After updating to the newest firmware (1.0.0596), sometimes I have to boot the unit several times to get the unit in a working state. what can I do?