Release 1.5.0-RC1 (Release Candidate 1)

Hi there everyone, another major release is here - v1.5.0-RC1 aka “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!”.

This is a new feature release, with focus on a Global Tempo and the new Settings Panel.

As usual, please note that this is a release candidate.
That means it might be stable, but needs more testing first to make sure.
If no issues are found in around 3 weeks we’ll release it as stable, otherwise we’ll do a Release Candidate 2.

So, what’s new?

  1. Global Tempo & Sync
    Pedalboards now have a global transport state, addressable to hardware, which plugins can receive.
    Plugins with BPM designated ports have them automatically hidden and set to the Global BPM value.
    (the same applies to ‘speed’ and ‘beats per bar’ controls, but those are very uncommon)
    Plugins receive accurate transport information, so transport-aware plugins can now be played in sync.
    Transport playback, beats per minute and beats per bar can be addressed to actuators (MOD controller, Control Chain devices and MIDI CC). Ableton Link is also supported.

  2. Settings Panel
    All the “hidden” settings in the MOD Duo can now be easily accessed and changed through a special page - http://modduo.local/settings if you have zeroconf working, or
    This includes, among other things:

  • Bluetooth device name
  • Mute (or not) inputs when Tuner is active
  • Copy the audio data from an unconnected output to another
  • Use 256 frames as buffer size
  • Developer mode
  • Unstable plugins
    You can also do a forced update of your Control Chain devices in the Settings Panel.
    Think of this as accessing some of the internals of your MOD Duo. :slight_smile:
  1. Backup and restore user data
    You can now backup and restore user data using a USB stick.
    This includes user configuration, banks, pedalboards and plugins.
    Note that, for now, current/existing user data will be deleted during restore.

  2. Usability changes
    Small but very useful usability changes were made, some being user requests.
    These include:

  • Add (hidden) Max gen~ category, dynamically visible
  • Initial support for touch events in modgui knobs
  • Make sure pedalboard changes are written to disk before returning “ok” to the browser
  • Show notification when a MIDI CC is mapped (ie, learned)

There’s also quite a few more changes and tweaks.
You can read the full changelog below.

Because this release is still under testing, it won’t appear as an update in the web interface just yet.
You’ll have to manually download and apply the update file if you wish to try it out.
(Release testers, also known as ‘group 1’, will receive this update as usual)

Here’s the manual download link:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

Here’s the main changelog:

  • NEW: Global Tempo
  • NEW: Settings Panel
  • Add (hidden) Max gen~ category, dynamically visible
  • Add post-boot-actions service, using /data/
  • Add zita-njbridge package
  • Delete control chain update file if dialog is closed manually
  • Don’t allow to click install/update-all until store finishes loading
  • Disable plugin processing while loading a pedalboard, to make loading slightly faster
  • Ensure current parameter value is within bounds when addressing
  • Fix software updates over 100Mb
  • Fix MIDI CC unaddressing not removed from pedalboard data
  • Show CPU usage at 100% when an xrun happens
  • Show notification when a MIDI CC is mapped (ie, learned)
  • Small rework of knob behaviour (better handle of enums, touch events)
  • Show current buffer size dynamically
  • Mount filesystem with nodelalloc mount option, sync to disk before returning operation complete
  • More system optimizations and tweaks

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!


For those wondering how the settings screen looks like, here’s some screenshots:


There are no looper plugins with LV2 time support that I know, right now.


I’ve a odd issue with v1.5.0-RC1
On my box, I receive a Message from my window manager, that I’m now connected with the MOD, when I plugged it in. With v1.5.0-RC1 I receive this message once in a minute.
Downgrade to the latest stable resolve that.

Little display issue.
If I use a footswitch for beats per minutes in tempo menu (so it is a footswitch for general tap tempo), and I click on “extended” , then i see range from 20 to 28. But It’s not 28, it is 280, the last digit is hidden.

Noted. Will be fixed.

Did you mean the network manager? If so, what network manager are you using?

I’m loving the touch control of knobs - thanks!

I notice that when I’m zoomed-in and try to move a pedal (via touch or mouse) sometimes it zooms fully out instead. Unfortunately the behaviour isn’t consistent.

I don’t know if it comes from the network manager, but yes, it’s likely.
I’ve installed network-manager 1.8.2-1 from debian/sid.

This great piece of software has been in RC1 state for >1 months… are there any release-critical issues left?

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Does it mean that the Duo can be slaved to a master clock, apart from the Ableton Link way?


Any status updates on this release? It seems to have been in limbo for quite a while…

1.5 was released last month: Release 1.5.0


Hmmm OK, that’s odd, I just updated my Duo last week and it updated to 1.4.3…? I guess I’d better sync it again and see what’s up there… sorry for the noise :thinking:

IIUC they pulled that release because some plugins didn’t interact with global tempo properly or something, so they are updating a lot of the plugin and I think it will be added when 1.6 is released. I think…

What? it’s still the last release:

You should have the update now.

@deleteme would you be interested in collaborating? I have begun a synced looper at the following github repo.