Release 1.4.0-RC5 (Release Candidate 5)

Hello all. This is a bugfix for the previous 1.4 release candidates.

We made some small fixes since RC4.
Everyone that has 1.4-RC4 or older v1.4 build installed, please update as soon as possible.

Please refer to the RC1 topic to read the changes made in 1.4:

Here’s the changelog for RC5:

  • fix control chain devices getting disconnected under heavy cpu load
  • fix unaddressings and removal of plugins with specific addressings (regression in v1.3)
  • automatically hide plugin’s info button if modgui is too small
  • remove control chain workarounds in host code (please update the footswitch firmware to v0.0.6)

Here’s the manual download link:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

(The download for release candidates are not displayed on that page, since it’s not considered stable yet)

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!

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Given that the first RC is more than two months ago, I was wondering what the big showstoppers for this release are… could you elaborate on that, @falkTX? The feedback was very positive overall and it has been quite a while since people have reported issues.

Thank you!!!

Right now, I don’t think there are any big showstoppers.
Some new bugs have been reported, but they existed before 1.4 series.
we’ll be releasing this one as stable very soon


That’s great news and will surely make users who prefer the stable versions very happy!!! :+1:

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v1.4 stable is out, continue discussion there.

to those with RC5, the changes are:

  • fix connecting several control chain devices at once (eg, during boot)
  • fix controller unaddressings (regression in v1.4)
  • fix missing hardware ports if reconnected too quickly
  • fix bootloader to work with LiveSuit deploys
  • improve robustness of control chain connections

closing this topic now.