Release 1.2.0-RC1 (Release Candidate 1)

Hi there everyone, another major release is here - v1.2.0-RC1 aka “Blink, dammit, blink!”.

This is a new feature release, but on the conservative side.
There’s quite a few new neat things we think you’ll appreciate.

As usual, note that this is a release candidate.
That means it might be stable, but needs wide testing first to make sure.
This release will have a testing period of 2 weeks.
If no issues are found in 2 weeks we’ll release it as stable, otherwise we’ll do a Release Candidate 2.

So, what’s new this time?

  1. Favorites!
    As the amount of plugins you’re able to install increases, it can sometimes take some time to find what you’re looking for - specially if you’re the type of user that likes to install everything. :slight_smile:
    Now you have a way to flag your favorite plugins, and they’ll be waiting for you in a new category.
    To flag a plugin as favorite just click on its thumbnail on the plugin list at the bottom and then click the star icon near the plugin title.

  2. Tap tempo!
    Tap tempo is now possible as controller addressing type.
    Some plugins that have a tempo-based parameter can have it addressed to a controller footswitch, which triggers the tap-tempo mode.
    For developers: Plugin parameters need to specify that they support MOD’s tap-tempo mode. See mod:tapTempo.

  3. Zeroconf support
    Zeroconf support (also known as “Bonjour”) means you can now connect to your MOD using http://modduo.local/ instead of using the IP address.
    The same URL is used for both USB and Bluetooth network connections.
    Note that under some browsers you might need to type the entire http://… address, just typing “modduo.local” might lead you to a google search…
    The MOD will report ‘SSH Remote Terminal’ and ‘Web Site’ zeroconf services.

  4. Custom ranges for MIDI CC
    Title says it all, you can now set ranges when doing a MIDI learn.

  5. Several minor web interface changes
    There’s quite a few small but important changes in the web interface.
    These include:

  • Added ‘see it in action’ button in the plugin information popup
  • Bypass L/R text changed to Bypass 1/2
  • New icons for ‘new pedalboard’ and ‘browse online pedalboards’
  • Show note when selecting MIDI learn about having to click ‘Save’ to activate it
  • Remove ‘not installed’ label from the plugin store

There’s also quite a few more small changes and tweaks.
You can read the full changelog below.

Because this release is still under testing, it won’t appear as an update in the web interface just yet.
You’ll have to manually download and apply the update file if you wish to try it out.

Here’s the manual download link:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

And here’s the changelog:

  • add favorites as plugin category (user managed)
  • add tap-tempo as controller actuator (by addressing a time-based linear parameter to a footswitch)
  • add zeroconf support, using http://modduo.local/
  • controller display footer is now divided 50/50 for name/value to accommodate tap-tempo (was 75/25)
  • implement custom ranges for MIDI CC
  • make two scale-point enumeration work as toggle, allow use in MIDI CC
  • show build number in page url
  • don’t drop current midi learn when removing a plugin
  • don’t schedule new screenshot if it matches currently processing one
  • fix controller lockup when addressing a big preset list (now limited to 50 items)
  • fix missing ports when reloading page after a host or plugin crash
  • fix preset list not disabled when addressed
  • fix some settings page knobs not updated when changing plugin presets
  • fix web page not loading under some circumstances, needing a force refresh
  • minor web interface and OS changes/tweaks

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!


So far it’s working fine for me thanks :slight_smile: . The tap tempo could be improved : if I tap the footswitch in an interval bigger than the maximum time of a delay, if my tap interval is 1001 ms or more and the delay goes to 1000 ms for example, then it doesn’t work. Also, it would be great if the tap tempo would work with one footswitch for multiple pedals


Thank you for the feedback, I will add some slack to the maximum tap-time, so that tapping at <50ms over the maximum value will still be possible, setting the time to maximum in that case of course.

The global tap-tempo, although we are already starting work on it, is a lot more work to implement. It will be there in the future.


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After upgrading to 1.2.0-RC1 I get stucked at this:

When I save a preset there the form just appears again. When I cancel it the dark background stays but the form goes away.

I wanted to share a pedalboard some days ago when the JCM Simulation went public. But it didn’t work because of the rendering of the screenshot. So I canceled it. Maybe it’s because of this.

ok, so that is the 2nd time I see that…

can you describe what exactly happens there?
does the initial pedalboard view appear when you refresh the page, or that’s the first thing you see?

It’s the first thing I see. I never come to the intitial pedalboard view. But it seems to be just the UI. I will test if I can use the pedalboards that are saved on the mod.

It’s just a problem with the UI. The rehearsal tonight is save :slight_smile:

Should I give you some html files or something else?

Are there any updates about the problem? I’m missing building new pedalboards.

Without being able to reproduce the issue, there’s not much we can do.
Maybe some odd formatted pedalboard causes html render issues…?

@nils do you have linux or mac os?
are you comfortable ssh’ing into the mod to run a few commands?

I have linux. I can do this.

ok, then…

mkdir mod-backup
cd mod-backup
scp -r root@ .
scp -r root@ .

create a tar/tar.gz (not a zip!) of the new mod-backup folder, and upload somewhere.

What is the password? Found it: mod


Sadly I cannot reproduce the issue here.

Some things you can try:

  1. Update to 1.2.0-RC2
  2. Clear browser cache, or use a different browser (to see if anything changes)

If the same still happens after RC2 update, open your browser developer tools, console, and reload the page.
See if there’s any issues printed on the browser console and if yes paste them here.

Update to RC2 fixed it.

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