Release 1.13.2

Hello everyone, a bugfix update for the 1.13 series is here - v1.13.2 aka “Maybe the real gig was the friends we made along the way”.

This update fixes a few critical issues and adds support for uploading NAM files.
A few other minor tweaks were made with usability in mind.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Special note for Duo users

Duo users will no longer receive these updates automatically, but are still able to manually install them via Releases - MOD Wiki.

We keep support for the Duo with the 1.13.x series, just without automatic updates.
An exception for this are units under the “testers” group. (also known as “group 1”)
If you have a Duo and want to keep receiving automatic updates please reply to this thread or send me a private message with your unit serial number.

And now the full changelog:

  • Allow *.aidax and *.nam file extensions
  • Allow pedalboard share recording up to 3 minutes
  • Fix automatic updates for Duo X LE units coming from old releases
  • Fix category hide responsiveness
  • Fix device controller freeze when browsing pedalboards (Dwarf specific)
  • Fix device lockup when sending MIDI with Net+MIDI option enabled and USB cable disconnected (Duo X production units)
  • Fix error dialog appearing when re-selecting the active transport sync mode
  • Fix parameter changes blocking web gui updates
  • Fix pedalboard screenshots with invalid plugin data (recreate cache as needed)
  • Fix race condition leading to missing plugin param triggers
  • Fix tempo labels
  • Improve icon.html used for modgui screenshots (made for developers, see GitHub - moddevices/mod-screenshot: Generate modgui and pedalboard screenshots)
  • Improve pedalboard search data
  • Minor optimization tweaks
  • Show text selection in plugin information dialog
  • Skip reset confirmation dialog for remote pedalboard loading

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


Does it mean we will be able to use NAM prifiles/captures in Dwarf/DuoX?

The nano models, yes.
First we release to support uploading NAM files, then comes the plugin in the (stable) store, then some material and content to demonstrate the usage.
Plugin in stable is next!


Okay, let’s try this update.

Thats great news. being able to upload NAM Profiles in the dwarf!!! that’s going to be fun!!


A NAM plugin ! :+1:
Please, can someone explain what is a “nano model” for NAM?

To my guess, from general knowledge about machine learning, without particular knowledge about NAM itself:

Computing power required to simulate the neural network depends on it’s complexity, and on a small embedded box like dwarf you cannot run the complex network you could run on a desktop, due to CPU limitations.

NAM seems to support different neural network configurations, with different complexity.

This complexity is established during the model training, as you specifically use some configuration of the network when training it - amount of weights, layers, and whatever stuff is involved - it’s all set in advance. One of these configurations is probably referred as “nano”, due to small size of the produced model.

From practical perspective right now “nano models” means searching and downloading models from tonehunt by specific tag: #nano-mdl Models | ToneHunt

Also, some random NAM models I’ve downloaded were about 300kb in size, and the “nano” ones from Modfather are about 27kb. There is no specific mention of “nano” inside the *.nam files, so probably *.nam file size is the way to determine if model is “nano” or not, as model complexity has correlation to amount of data in the file.


Thank you @ignis32 for this detailed answer :+1:

The link to download the latest TAR file for the DUO does not work:

Indeed. Thanks for noticing, fixed up the link just now.

That being


The fix for controller freeze doesn’t seem to be enough in my case: when I browse pedalboards with the foostswitches, I still have an issue with the controller not loading to the chosen pedalboard’s settings.
Rather, it stays stucked (not frozen really) on displaying the first pedalboard’s settings I was on when I started browsing, and stops being responsive (even though I’m able to go to the menus and stuff).

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Ciao a tutti, with new update, the LFO and some CV tools don’t work.

I believe that the more detailed description and steps to reproduce the problem would be useful for developers or other users who can check if the same issue happens on their devices.


Sorry for the few details. Simply before I was able to modulate any parameter and I found CV devices such as attenunverters or LFOs in the select CS now it doesn’t work anymore. In this video there is an explanatory example. Thanks for any help

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As far as I understand from the video (and explanation), your problem is that you do not see your CV port in the parameter assignment menu for CV.

Thing is, that before you can assign a port to parameter, you need to make this particular CV port assignable. (It makes sense, because you can have tons of output ports, and use only a couple of them for the parameter modulation)

It is made by clicking “Manage CV ports”, and enabling a checkbox near the port you want to use for assignment.

Based on absence of these actions in the video, I assume that this step, most probably, had been missed.




download of the update is not working

it never starts