Release 1.12.2

Hello everyone, a bugfix update for the 1.12 series is here - v1.12.2 aka “today is a gift so we call it the present”.

This update fixes abnormal behaviour in a few recent MOD Dwarf units, along with some other very minor issues.
If you have a MOD Dwarf unit, please update as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s the full changelog:

  • fix old Duo reference in control chain device update text
  • fix reading plugin-requested minimum buffer size of atom ports

Dwarf specific changes:

  • several system-level fixes, needed for some new units

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


I hope it will solve issues with mod footswitch.
I’ll try that later.

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I gave it a try here before pushing the update, in case another fix was needed in this release.
The one I have here just works, both inserting before and after boot.
Replugging and keeping mappings active is something for later, for now it is still the same case where removing a CC device will auto-remove its related mappings from the pedalboard.


The issue here is that the mod footswitch isn’t recognised at startup and when it is few minutes later it is deconnected.
I have to power on the dwarf, deconnect the mod footswitch, reconnect it, reload the pedalboard.
And if I don’t look carefully if the mod footswitch is connected before saving a pedalboard it loose all footswitch assignation…
I’ll try with V1.12.2

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I’ve updated my mod duox today and since the update my pedalboards use 10% more CPU, with big peaks at 100% and very frequent increase of 20%.
The CPU usage is very unstable…
I can’t use my mod duo x without audio drops and clicks…What’s this update? Is it really neccessary for Mod duo X?

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you had 1.12.1 before right? then I find this situation very strange, there were no duox specific changes on this release at all. compared to 1.12.1, this 1.12.2 is really quite minor on duox units

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yes I had V 1.12.1 before.
The strange thing is that it’s very random.
I restarted the duo x and CPU became normal. Then if I load different pdealboard the CPU usage become very high.
I think there’s a pedalboard that create this issue.
I will continue my investigations.

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Hi @falkTX
I have updated all plugings, tested all my old pedalboard and I have the same issue with all. As soon as I switch on a drive or a doubler the CPU rize to 100%.
All these pedalboard were running at 75% max of CPU usage and now I can’t use them.
I going to downgrade the duo x to previous version 1.12.1.

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Here an example with this pedalboard that was running smoothly before the update.
CPU is at 90% with just the guitarist Amp x, 2 compressor and a reverb running. All other effect are of.
This pedalboard was using 60% CPU before.
As soon as I switch on the drive CPU rize to 100%.
What the problem?

With drive on

So finally I’ve downgrade to V1.12.0 because I couldn’t find V1.12.1
The CPU usage for the same pedalboard is now at 69% and it was at 90% with v1.12.2

If I switch on the drive CPU usage rize to 75%

Now this pedalboard that was running at 90%, use only 65% with V1.12.0

It’s clear that something went wrong with V1.12.2 and Mod duo X