Release 1.11.0-RC3

Hello all. This is a not-so-small bugfix for the previous 1.11 release candidate.

We made quite some fixes and a few changes as required by future plugins on the platform.
Everyone that has 1.11-RC2 build installed, please update as soon as possible.
Those who are in “group 1” testers group will get this upgrade in their mod-ui notification panel.

As a note to developers, the HMI-Widgets LV2 API introduced in 1.11-RC1 has changed in a non-backwards-compatible way.
You can find the updated API file here which now includes inline some documentation.

Please refer to the RC1 topic to read the changes made in 1.11:

Here’s the changelog for RC3:

  • add “See documentation” button on plugin info dialog
  • add global fftw wisdom files (dwarf only, duo and duox to be added soon)
  • add notification/warning when using trial plugins in a pedalboard
  • add support for Ardour’s thread priority LV2 API (so plugins know what to use for background threads)
  • add support for synced LED blinking in LV2 hmi-widgets API
  • add support for per-unit default plugin parameter values
  • do not zoom out when moving plugins while at zoom 100%
  • fix crash when removing plugin while it was still being automated via MIDI CC
  • fix loading of online pedalboards in recent Chrome-based browsers
  • fix undefined behaviour when deleting active snapshot (dwarf only)
  • fix momentary toggles being inverted
  • fix undefined behaviour when saving from the device with the web-ui open (dwarf only)
  • many fixes around bank, pedalboard and snapshot management through device menus (dwarf only)
  • automatically close active overlays on new device interactions (dwarf only)
  • tweak device popup text to make things more uniform (dwarf only)
  • tweak “plug USB cable” and “copy and eject” messages in restore mode

Here are the manual download links:
Duo X:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


To clarify one point here about “global fftw wisdom files”.

We are in the process of generating a big fftw “wisdom file” for each different unit.
These are files that can be pregenerated that contain information about the fastest way to compute FFTs for a specific task.
(the fftw library is commonly used in convolution)

When in use, these will make the FFT operations a bit faster, compared to not using these files at all (which then would just use best-guesses at runtime).

Having such a file shipped with the system means plugins no longer need to pregenerate them anymore, which is sometimes an issue if a particular developer does not have all 3 different units.
Generating these files takes quite some time though, because we want to support as many different scenarios as possible, covering current and future plugins.
Dwarf was done first, Duo and Duo X files are being generated right now and will be added to the v1.11 final release.


That means less CPU usage at runtime?

for a few plugins, yes. it is not great of a reduction but every bit helps when you have many plugins in a chain.
for the plugins that already shipped with their own wisdom file, like the MOD pitchshifters, this should not make a difference.

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Small heads up, we found a small regression that prevented loading pedalboards with non-device addressings (MIDI, Control Chain or CV).
We pushed new builds.
Links in the original post were updated.