Release 1.10

Hi there everyone, the stable release of v1.10 is here - v1.10.0 aka “There are no friends at dusk”.

This release brings many new features, including file handling, actuator addressing improvements, and a more complete lv2 support.
It is a culmination of many months of work from the MOD team and friends.
The list of new features was posted on the 1.10.0-RC1 announcement, but let’s go through them again.

File Manager

One of the most user requested features is finally here!

We took some time to research the best possible solution for you, between compatibility, ease of use and future-proofing.
What we ended up implementing is a web-based file manager UI inside the web interface you are so familiar with by now.
While it is not in a state deemed 100% complete (for example, needs a progress-bar for uploads), it is already fully functional.
You can find a new button on the bottom-left of the MOD web interface for the file manager, which will open a screen where you can upload files to be loaded by plugins.

We arranged the folders into categories that we see are going to be most useful in the short and mid-term.
While we do not have many plugins that make use of these features currently in the store, quite a few are already in progress and will be released soon.
This is a start for many great things yet to come.

We are keeping a list of plugins that support files in our wiki.


Actuators addressing improvements

A lot of improvements for the addressing of the actuators both on the Duo and the Duo X.
From now on you can use the buttons on the Duo X or the footswitches of the Duo as momentary switches. They can be set to either “momentary on” (where hold=on, release=off) or “momentary off” (hold=off, release=on).
This also applies to the MOD Footswitch Control Chain device, after updating its firmware to v0.4.
You can find this function if you open the advanced settings for your assignments, under the “Mode" menu.


Similarly you can now set the buttons of the Duo X or the footswitches of the Duo and Footswitch controller to cycle through different colors with list-style parameters.
On the Advanced settings for the assignment, you can set the LED color to be static or to cycle. In cycle mode, the LEDs will change the colors helping you identify the position in the list that you have currently selected.


You will also notice that now you can assign toggle parameters - such as the effects on/off switch - to your knobs.
And the addressing dialog got a small redesign for better readability.

PS: Yes, the Duo X can now have up to 6 pages of addressings instead of 3 :slight_smile:


Redesigned Duo screen layout

In this update, the Duo received the most visible cosmetic changes.
These include:

  • new fonts
  • cleaner look for assigned parameters
  • pedalboard and snapshot names in the header of the displays
  • foot navigation mode showing names of previous and next pedalboard (since the active pedalboard name is already shown in the header)
  • blinking LED in foot navigation mode - you know the pedalboard is loaded when the led stops blinking


More complete LV2 implementation

In this release we added supported for the following official LV2 extensions:

  • log
  • parameter
  • patch
  • state
    Plus custom control-input-port-change-request extension.

For developers, this means now being able to “print” statements from within the plugin and have its output be sent to the browser, facilitating debugging.
The patch/parameter support allows for allowing arbitrary messages to be sent and received by the plugin or modgui.
With state support plugins can save non-parameter data with a pedalboard, like text and files.
And finally, plugins with control input ports can now request a value change, breaking this old restriction coming back from LADSPA days.

For users, this means we will slowly start to see plugins which can load files. (uploaded using File Manager interface)
Not just files, but more expressive UIs are now possible, like a waveform preview of a file.
Plugins that generate some internal data can have their state saved as part of the pedalboard.
So, for example, loopers will now be able to save their audio on disk for later use on a different day.

All this requires support from plugins so that you get to see the new features, but this is already an ongoing development.
We need to first get the host features in place, opening the gates for new types of plugins to be made possible.
Most of the features mentioned here have already been tested with real plugins, it is only a matter of time until you start to see them in the MOD store.

There’s also quite a few more changes and tweaks.
Visit Releases#Release_1.10 to see all changes since v1.9.

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically. :slight_smile:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD device.
Let us know if you find any issues.


Ou man!

A Fluidsynth SF2 Player diractly in MOD is a dream come true!

BUT: it seems there is an ammount of vibrato (via MIDI CC1) is always active. When connecting “the infamous mindi” and giving CC1 into the player, I can increase this same vibrato (and not decrease it of course).

An investigation would be hugely (!) appreciated, as it would completly change how I can do my setup.


You mean in the plugin that is in beta now? did you test it?

Holy, that was fast.

Yes, sorry, didn’t mention it (I could not post links and pics as of now). It’s the DIE FluidSynth.


First time I hear of such issue.
Maybe it is dependent on the SF2 file?

I tried with every sf I could throw at it, still the same. Will try another controller…

Yup, you’re right turns out to be a “hidden” CC1 in my LaunchPadX - great work btw!

Cheers, Syncope

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Ah good, then plugin is fine.
You should be able to use it with your controller as-is if you put a midi filter before the plugin, so it blocks MIDI CC messages.

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I have version 1.8.5 installed on my NAND Mod Duo, I never upgraded to 1.9. I remember installing 1.9 was meant to be done manually on Mod Duo. But now 1.10 is out and I dont know if I can upgrade to it directly and if I can do it from the GUI or manually

you can always update directly.
But really recommended to do the nand steps, see Troubleshooting_Reinstall_Duo#Special_update_for_nand_units

So it will do a factory reset. will a regular backup from the GUI work to get my pedalboards back?

yes, the backup to usb is meant primarely for pedalboards

Hi, I get the prompt for the new release but when I click download it gets stuck on a screen which says Downloading… with an empty progress bar underneath. It doesn’t move anywhere from here. Tried turning the Mod duo x off and on again but didn’t help. What should I do?

from what version are you updating? do you use modduox.local or
if you have any browser extensions installed, try updating without them or in a separate browser altogether to see if it makes any difference.

Hey guys

Just trying to update my Duo now and it’s taking ages - like 20+ minutes - unit is just sitting there with its white lights on - happy to wait but is this normal? I suspect not - but maybe it’s just longer for these older units :wink:

not normal. only if installing the factory reset image it takes longer, but not something like 20 minutes.

Thanks - I thought so - the disc image won’t mount either so I can’t do the manual update either - I think I’ll have to leave it - will await my Dwarf and get into it on that - oh well! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Worst case you have the FEL mode for factory resets on the Duo.
The Duo is not software brickable, you can always put it in FEL mode and deploy the OS afterwards.
Details in Troubleshooting Reinstall Duo - MOD Wiki as usual


Thanks for the feedback! It worked this time :+1:

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ok… i’ve been doing way too much acoustic playing lately, and haven’t updated my Duo and X for some months. now that i’ve jumped to 1.10, i’m immediately blown away by the ~much~ cleaner appearance on both devices.

great work with the layout and font tweaks, @falkTX and crew; so much easier to see what’s going on at a glance!

:partying_face: :clap: :ok_hand: :+1: