Release 1.10.2

Hello everyone, another bugfix update for the 1.10 series is here - v1.10.2 aka “From the bass’s point of view, you dropped it.”

This is a collection of fixes collected while preparing v1.11.

For Dwarf units we also added a new device menu option under settings for compensating for ground-loop noise, though enabling it will slightly reduce the available CPU power.
This is not enabled by default since not everyone has a setup susceptible to ground-loop noise.
Duo and Duo X units do not need this.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fix Dwarf restore mode not detecting USB cable if booted without it being connected
  • Fix jack-netmanager service not auto-starting for Duo X and Dwarf
  • Fix missing parameter details for newly-added plugins in a snapshot
  • Fix oddities with momentary mode
  • Fix transport changes not propagated when triggered from Control Chain
  • Optimize loading pedalboards with huge number of plugin parameters
  • Enable a few more USB bluetooth drivers for Dwarf
  • Rework setup for reducing ground-loop noise on Dwarf

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


update went good so far. no issues


How does one ‘upgrade’ to 1.10.2 if we had a pre-release 1.11 build to test the ground-loop noise?

Grab the update file from Releases - MOD Wiki instead


i just auto-updated my Duo X to 1.10.2.

now it boots to this error message:

exp port shorted
to avoid harm to your device the unit switched back to cv mode
please check your exp pedal and cables

…this is with nothing plugged into the device other than power.

then, the unit appears to be bricked: i can’t even access the settings screens.

…and, if i connect a USB cable, the GUI won’t load. i’ll see if the device is visible as a storage device, so i can do a manual install… oh, wait a minute… i can’t do a manual install without access to the settings screens.

well, crap. now what?!

…guess i should not update when i have a show tomorrow! oops. :stuck_out_tongue:

you can, press and hold left endless knob and button while powering on the unit.
then you can install the old v1.10.1

what duox model do you have? does your unit have a power on/off switch on the back?
since another user reported the same thing, perhaps this is a false positive.
we will investigate.

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thanks, @falkTX !!

no power switch.
mine says “MOD DUO X Limited Edition”.

i’ll report back after loading…

does the same thing on

guess i’ll try a 1.9? is fine.

Is there any way to verify this is running? I swear the 1.11 test build I had (which had this on by default) reduced the noise maybe 70% but 1.10.2 makes no difference wether it is turned on or off.

If you have developer mode active under the webgui settings, on the main pedalboard view you should be able to see the CPU clock speed. 1.3 non-active, 1.2 active.
Or even deeper, if you SSH into the unit it will be clear (via top) that a background service is consuming CPU when that option is activated. It stops once you turn off said option.

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So I’ve only gotten around to testing now. I see (via ssh/top) that there is a mod-noise-remov process running when I have the setting enabled. However, it uses 0.0% cpu. Is that expected?

That is not expected, so you are correct and we messed up :frowning:
We also found another small issue, bugfix coming up.



My mod duo x (also a limited edition one, SN MDX-LE-028) faced the exact same issue after upgrading to 1.10.2. Gui (USB cable and/or Bluetooth PAN) never loads, and the duo is stuck at the first screen (MIDI mappings to my Airstep are also no longer working)

Can you elaborate on this ‘press and hold left endless knob and button’? Which button, leftmost one, whilst also pressing the left endless knob? Does this bring a bootstrap menu or something? (haven’t succeeded yet)

Ok, answering myself… managed to restore/rollback to 1.10.1 → no cigar, same issues.

I’ve just rolled back to and i’ve recovered my screens, MIDI mappings, and the GUI is back to being responsive, both at Bluetooth PAN and USB-net interfaces.

It’s clear that the 1.10.x version is incompatible with the hardware shipped in the early (limited edition) ModDuo X.

Can you either please retire this branch, or release a new minor that doesn’t brick these ModDuoXs?


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I have that same unit and tested the update. I am unable to replicate this issue.
Does it happen when the bluetooth usb stick is not connected?
v1.10 has been out for a while, so it is surprising to only hear about this now

hi @falkTX !

is that the same unit as mine, as well?
…neither 1.10.2 nor 1.10.1 work on my “limited edition” ModX.

like @pqs , i need to drop back to to have a functional ModX, as reported above.
not using bluetooth here.

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yeah @plutek, exact same use case as yours, with the addition that I have a bluetooth USB dongle connected to the USB of the ModDuoX.

@falkTX , was the 1.10.x branch tested against HW specs of the limited edition units?

Also, 1.10.1 wasn’t giving me any problems since March when it came out, but after installing 1.10.2, rolling back to 1.10.1 yielded it unusable.

I might try to manually install 1.10.1 from the current 1.9.3 and see if it’s operative or not. I’ll update you guys here

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@plutek @falkTX
I just tested it in an MDX LE device that I have, it was not updated for a while (it was version 1.9 something, I believe) and everything seems fine after the update for the latest version.

thanks, @jon … interesting. i’m tied up with other things until next week, but perhaps i’ll try again then.

will be watching this thread in the meantime…

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