Release 1.10.1

Hello everyone, another bugfix update for the 1.10 series is here - v1.10.1 aka “Don’t try to understand it, feel it”

This is a collection of fixes pretty much dedicated to Dwarf units.
Additionally a little bug-fix regarding default pedalboard handling was added in, which is useful to all units.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fix handling of default pedalboard for rare cases of corrupted data

Dwarf specific:

  • Disable mod-noise-removal tool (causing too high temperatures, we will revisit this very soon)
  • New MOD Dwarf logo
  • New widget for actuator groups
  • Fix case when both tap-tempo and a ‘translate to musical tempo’ parameter are assigned
  • Fix reaching the end of a ‘translate to musical tempo’ parameter
  • Fix gain values jumping inside the menu when turning the encoders too fast
  • Fix menu items inside a tool not updating

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


for the updated actuator group widgets, so you know how it looks now


Can you provide details on the “mod-noise-removal” tool. Was this always on by default? With no other changes after updating my mod dwarf is incredibly noisy.

Yes this was always on before. (at some point during the beta testing anyway)
It does nothing more but keep CPU busy in the background, in the way to not interfere with anything else.

всем здорово!!!Подскажите,можно подключить мод к studio one5?

studio one supports midi, so yes. (or I really don’t understand the question)

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Hello @Meder_Tursunaliev, thanks for taking part in this forum. I would suggest you write in English here. Even if you use any sort of translator, it will help everyone in this community, and better than that, it will help you get the answers that you are looking for :slight_smile:

Go ahead and ask all your questions and don’t be shy to use a tool like Google Translator or DeepL (or something similar). It will help us help you.
After all, we are all learning and improving here :wink:

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Is there any ETA on the fixed noise-removal tool? I recently got a dwarf and was hoping to use it in concert at the end of the month, but the noise and clicking is making things tricky…

Otherwise, loving the device!

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ETA will be for v1.11-RC1 basically, because of how tricky situation is.
We discussed this in the team, what would be the best possible way to deal with the issue.
The conclusion/resolution we came up with is to limit the CPU frequency when this tool is active (and have it not be active by default).
So basically 2 options:

  1. Run at 1.3GHz, same as v1.10.1
  2. Turn on the tool and reduce max CPU frequency to 1.2GHz

So far we could not found a way to keep 1.3GHz clock speeds and the background tool running without temperature becoming an issue.
Using 1.2GHz mitigates the issue, but we do not want to force everyone to that since not everyone experiences noise issues.
Makes sense to be an opt-in scenario, so that for those that have (mostly groud-loop induced) noise issues there will be a way.

PS: if you are wondering about dynamic cpu frequency, this is a big no for realtime audio. it becomes very hard to know how much more you can push from the system if the cpu usage keeps varying. some plugins already have non-consistent cpu usage, making cpu clock dynamic would only make things worse.


correction here, after some more team discussion, we will push this on/off switch as part of v1.10.2


Thanks for the updates. The situation isn’t ideal, but having an option seems like the best trade off. I hope there is a better solution long-term but I think this will help a lot of people out now. :+1:

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