Release 1.1.0-RC1 (Release Candidate 1)

Hi there everyone, the very first post-1.0 feature-release is here - v1.1.0-RC1 aka “What year is this?”.

This is a new feature release, with lots of new stuff.
For this reason we’re not calling it stable yet. It will have a testing period of 2 weeks.
If no issues are found in 2 weeks we’ll release it as stable, otherwise we’ll do a Release Candidate 2.

So, what’s new?

  1. Bluetooth network support is here!
    Now you can go wireless! Requires a Bluetooth 3.0 or higher USB stick (not included in the MOD unit).
    The connection speed is not as fast as with the USB cable. But once you load a few projects the browser should cache enough resources and make it almost feel the same.
    For more information and how to connect via bluetooth refer to our wiki page:

  2. Tuner!
    By holding down the right knob a tuner will appear on the right display.
    (note: banks have been moved to the left menu)
    Press the right knob to select the input channel (either input 1 or 2).
    The tuner currently in use is GxTuner by the guitarix team.
    Try it out! :smiley:

  3. Save and reset pedalboard directly from the controller
    A new ‘Current pedalboard’ option on the left display menu allows you to save changes to the currently loaded pedalboard. No more need for connecting the PC for small adjustments.
    You can also reset to the previous saved state.

  4. Restore MIDI device connections
    Basically now when you remove a MIDI device (without manually unselecting from the “MIDI Ports” dialog) and then add it back, it will reappear on the web interface and restore the connections it had before.
    The device connections are still saved even after you disconnect it. And loading of that pedalboard will have that information pending, waiting for the device to be connected again.

  5. Control outputs for modguis
    This makes it possible to receive some feedback from the plugin DSP side into the web interface.
    Currently only AT-1 and Step Sequencer make use of it, but we’re sure there will be more in the future.
    Now developers can produce a little more complex interfaces, showing feedback of what’s going on behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

There’s also quite a few more small changes and tweaks.
You can read the full changelog below.

Because this release is still under testing, it won’t appear as an update in the web interface just yet.
You’ll have to manually download and apply the update file if you wish to try it out.

Here’s the manual download link:

The upgrade procedure is explained at the top of our releases page, here:

And here’s the changelog:

  • add ‘current pedalboard’ actions (save and reset)
  • auto-update information screens
  • banks moved to left display (ie, system menu)
  • tuner added to 2nd display
  • decrease footswitch de-bouncing time


  • add support for LV2 control outputs in modguis (see modgui:MonitoredOutput)
  • broadcast parameter changes to all listening websockets
  • do not time-out after save, while generating screenshot
  • make MIDI devices always enabled for MIDI CCs and programs
  • optimize first page load by delaying plugin listing & indexing
  • pass LV2 port comments to modgui widgets
  • rename “Add MIDI Device” to “MIDI Ports”
  • re-add midi devices if not manually removed by user
  • save & restore removed midi device connections
  • throttle events from host to UI
  • real fix for initial knob values after page reload
  • restore bank midi-program state after closing browser
  • show different error when failing to download a plugin if not authenticated
  • several optimizations


  • add bluetooth network support
  • allow ssh access using password once again (limited to USB connection)
  • automatically run fsck on boot as needed (fixes read-only user data)
  • nooice now runs as internal client
  • update LV2 libraries to their latest stable versions
  • system tweaks and optimizations

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!


Just to say that this Release works completely fine, and everything was perfect. Only some unstable BT Connection at the beginning, but after some attempts (in each attempt, another part of the plugins was loaded), and when all plugins was loaded, it works 100% and no occurs of disconnect anymore.
The Tuner was perfect too. Really great feature.

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Still have the authorization problem withmodduo-v1.1.0-RC1 as described here: Could not install plugin: Unauthorized
I cannot upgrade or install new plugins.

Don’t know if this is an issue with the latest release or something else, but I installed 1.1.0-RC1 yesterday. Everything was working great, then I started noticing some glitchy behavior around saving pedal boards.

Today I tried loading / installing a pedalboard from the site, and it seemed to hang and never finish loading. I tried a hard reboot by unplugging / plugging back in, however now the duo hangs indefinitely on the booting screen showing the logo on the left and the words mod duo on the right (multiple tries rebooting). Let me know if this is a known issue, or if you need more detail about the glitches I was seeing before it ended in this state.

Thanks, really loving it!

I guess we need to add a troubleshooting section for when this happens :frowning:

Please reinstall the mod os, but hold the left knob and footswitch down for 4 seconds as you turn on the MOD.
That way it enters the ‘update’/‘recovery’ mode and you can install either 1.0.6 or 1.1-rc1 again.

I don’t know if it’s related to the release update. I had installed the calf plugins. After the plugin update (calf-bad) the plugins are shown as installed but I can’t remove them. There’s just a button to install them.

got it, that worked. Thanks. Yes, a troubleshooting page would be great. Looked around for something like that before posting here.