Release 0.15.0

The next version (v1.0) will be installable on all MODs.
We’ll try to make the update process as smooth as possible.


regarding the PS3/PS4 controllers, does it have to be a specific model or any would work (including things like this :

Thanks in advance !

If you’re good with computers you can try it out yourself, the project for this is opensource and available here:

But I’m 80% sure it will work, if it works on a PS3.
Most of these devices expose the same HID type of device, so even if something is not supported right now it shouldn’t be too hard to get it working like the originals.

Thanks for that.

Actually, I have got PS2 controllers at home and tried them, but they did not work.

Ideally, I would be able to find the time to expand your nooice a bit so that any sort of joystick is recognized and usable. I am just very new to the MOD environment, so I still need to find out how to build stuff and deploy it on the MOD itself.

I’ll be browsing the forum in the coming days/week to learn a bit more about it.

Currently, if I read the code well, you test if there is the device is some jsX in /dev/input/ and in that case, default to the Guitar Hero one. Does this mean that PS3/PS4 dont show as /dev/input/jsX ? I thought there were.



The PS3 and PS4 data is read from their hidraw device instead of the joystick one.
The joystick device does not expose some accelerometer data.

The guitar hero one is a joystick, yes.
You probably need to modify the code based on it.

Don’t worry about getting it deployed on the MOD.
If you are able to patch nooice to support new devices we can update it on the next MOD release.

Thanks for this info,

I’ll try to do that. But still, it would be very cool to be able to build and deploy. I suppose you are not keen in users doing that to prevent them from bricking the pedal, am I right ?

The ideal thing would be to be able to test on a pedal emulator. Maybe it is already available as a part of the SDK ? I haven’t had the time to look into this yet.

Somewhat, yes…

You can use the mod-plugin-builder project to build any kind of binaries for MOD though.
The toolchain / compiler is in there for public use.

Cool !

Cheers !

I have done a bit of work on nooice. If you want to have a look, you can find it here :slight_smile:

It uses a call to udevlib to find out about the VendorID and ProductID of the joystick and if it’s not Guitar Hero’s, labels it as Generic. Then it just assigns a controller to each axis/button.

I have not edited the udev rules, but I think that would be nice.

I’ve copied most the udev code from some forum. It uses std::strings and stringstreams. I don’t know if this is a problem in terms of memory usage on the Mod. You might prefer something lighter. There is also a couple of ioctls.

I have tested it with Guitarix on my debian and I am able to control stuff from my £7 generic PS2 controller :slight_smile:

Please tell me what you think.



Forgot to mention that the dev is on branch “AnyJoystickSupport”