Recreate a frozen delay sound?

Hello! I hope this isn’t too n00by a question, but I have been trying different delays to try to recreate this effect at 3:45:

I am not even sure what to call it - it samples the sound in a very short repeat, then you are able to change the pitch of the repeated sound. Seems like a delay would do the trick but I don’t know what parameters would “hold” the sample in memory separate from the original input. In the video it looks like a single pedal is doing all the work.

I love my original Mod Duo and am having a blast experimenting with all the combinations but this sound has eluded me - maybe I am thinking about it incorrectly.

Thanks for any insight any one may have!

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Hmmm… my first thought is something like a freeze fed into a delay. I’m not sure if the freeze will preserve the attack, or if it tries to smooth out the captured audio.

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Yes, my thoughts too - I had tried the freeze pedalboards but they seem more for an ambient “hold” like a pedal note rather than the stuck delay sound. I tried the granular options but they didn’t seem to do what I thought either.

It’s like it samples a very short snippet of the sound and then the control can raise or lower the pitch - almost like using it for the Karplus Strong style of synthesis.

There’s got to be a delay that “grabs” one cycle in its buffer and then lets you play with it… which is what I thought Granulator would do but I guess not - unless I am using it incorrectly. I just bought TTAP hoping it would do that but maybe I need to experiment more…


Hmmm how about a stuck/freeze first, fed into an avocado (to break it up, maybe granulator would work too), fed into a pitch shifter/whammy/harmonizer.


Is he not using a boss delay, maybe it’s the sound on sound mode and changing the time changes the pitch?

Try reaching out to the band they. Might even tell you how to do it


Wow I didn’t know about that Boss mode, thanks, I will look into it and will also contact the guitarist directly if I need to. Seems lots has changed since my Ibanez AD-80 days…

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I will try this too - didn’t think of using the pitch shifter AFTER the delay.

Thanks for all the advice - really appreciate the generosity of this forum with folks sharing great ideas.


Let us know how it goes and if you find a workable solution!

I’m finally getting familiar enough with the MOD ecosystem to start to think in ways that take advantage of creative routing, etc. but even after 2 years I sometimes get stuck on trying to do stuff that seems obvious in hindsight (ie. giving any plugin “trails” using a simple utility switch and running in parallel).


To be honest I’m not that familiar with SOS but I think it’s just a simple looper. The early ones probably only do 1 sec or so which would give you enough of a snippet to create a drone. He turns knobs on it so guessing it’s the time knob that changes the speed of playback maybe.

So really you want a way to loop for 1 sec and maybe just stick the whammy on behind it and assign a knob on the Dwarf to the treadle.

I’m free in the morning so I might see what I can come up with

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Good lead on identifying the Boss pedal, I found another example:

now to just figure out the right way to do this! Off to the lab!


Good look mate, I’m more of a sad Nerd than pedal consultant.

Did have a go on the Dwarf earlier. Most of the delays were not happening. The duck delay was close but the repeats increase with the change in pitch so a bit more dance EDM. Feedback 100% and then modulate the time to give you a change I pitch.

However obviously if you stick the whammy on behind it as long as you can create a short sample or repeat gets you very close.

P. S I recon it’s a DD3 by the way. It had a HOLD switch


Question answered :wink:


That’s the one! Gonna attempt a few things tonight to see if the Mod can pull it off…