Recommended Neural Amp and Aida-X models?

Hey there, Fellas!

Been a while since I’ve popped in.

I got an intern slot at Burningsound studio that is local-ish, and it’s run by Ivan DePrume (White zombie, Healer, Big News, Boundless Joy). He’s a groove drummer and wants to explore some sound design options for his band.

I am looking for some good models to download and let his guitarist try out the MOD system for demo work etc…

The current band is called “Boundless Joy” and released their first album back in April if you’d like to get an idea of their sounds. It’s somewhere in between metal, rock, and funk.

I figured it’s be pretty cool to share these photos, I’ve never seen a platinum album press or a grammy nomination in real life lmao

So, what would you recommend to start with, are there any community favorites?

Hope you all are doing well,


AIDA has released the AIDA Showcase plugin: Showcase Powered By AIDA-X - MOD Audio

It features a comprehensive collection of amp sounds. Couple it either with the Vintage Cabinets - MOD Audio , the Modern Cabinets - MOD Audio or faIR Modern Rock - MOD Audio cabinets, slap a Reverb Plugins - MOD Audio and you have a great starting point for guitarrists :slight_smile:


Thank you for this list!

When I head back up there for recording I will investigate a bit more on these recommendations to test out!

I appreciate it!

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