Recommended Development Environment

Recommended Development Environment
I would like to develop a plugin.
Please let me know the best development environment currently available, such as wsl, docker, native linux, etc.
I am using ubuntu 20.04 or windows.

You can start from here

(beginning) LV2 development is (in my experience) a pain in the ass because of the .ttl mumbo-jumbo, so my advice is to find a plugin with similar ports/parameters needs and modify it instead of starting from scratch.

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If you are on linux you could use XUiDesigner to generate the needed ttl files. You then just need to select the GUI controls your plug should have and XUiDesigner create the bundle files for you:

EDIT: As well dpf will generate the needed ttl files for you:

Additional it is capable to generate a full working plugin for the MOD.
Just the learning curve to use it is somewhat higher.


This is really cool!

I had tried windows before linux and have a lot of regrets about that due to enormous overhead.
Whatever you do - use linux as a starting point, even if you plan to use docker.

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