Recommendations for midi controller keyboard for Dwarf

Hi all,
Couldn’t find anything already out there for this but do any of you have recommendations for a keyboard that will work well with Mod Dwarf as a controller for generators or other midi?
Looking for 37ish keys and a decent quality keybed but main requirement is that it will plug and play with minimal stress on my luddite technical skills!
I’d love to use bluetooth and lose the wires but from what I gather that’s not an option for Mod Dwarf right now - if you know otherwise please shout

Hi @andybassdoyle

I bought this piano. although it hasn’t got weighted keys, its feel is still nice enough.

but honestly, I think nearly all keyboards/piano’s with midi over USB are compatible.
I liked this one because of its reviews regaridng feel for its price and built in sounds and features.
My daughter uses it as stand alone as well

for its prices, it’s a nice piece of gear. There is some BT tech but I used it wired.
(you could by a wireless midi dongle though, there is some info here on the forum (example: Bluetooth Midi )

This was simple: attach the supplied cable to the Dwarf, in the GUI you connect the midi input to a “piano” plugin, a reverb and then to the output and presto :smiley:

I love sound fonts; you can find SF2 soundfonts online for free and they work like a font in your word processor. they are a collection of samples and you play them with your piano. Grand piano to Rhodes, there is some fun stuff out there.

I’ve done all that without even touching the synth approach.

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Hi @andybassdoyle,
Check that the keyboard is USB class compliant and there should be no problem.
I have a Nektar SE25 Mini and the brand even officially supports Linux, at least on their SE series.

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Hi @andybassdoyle.
I am just a new dwarf owner and very midi challenged. If it is of any use I connected my very basic Akai mpk mini play MkIII and it worked straight away and flawlessly. It has limited control functions by its nature, however, I would assume the more advanced models would be no different.