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David Robillard

Fomp is an LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons Adriaensen. Based on the principle of using a precomputed interpolated dirac pulse. The 'edge' for this rectangular variant is made by integrating the anti-aliased pulse. Aliases should be below -80dB for fundamental frequencies below the sample rate / 6 (i.e. up to 8 kHz at Fsamp = 48 kHz). This frequency range includes the fundamental frequencies of all known musical instruments. Tests by Matthias Nagorni revealed the output sounded quite 'harsh' when compared to his analogue instruments. Comparing the spectra, it became clear that a mathematically 'exact' spectrum was not desirable from a musical point of view. For this reason, a built-in lowpass filter was added. The default setting (0.5) will yield output identical to that of the Moog Voyager.

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shouldn’t this (and many of the other FOMP plugins) have CV inputs? if so, they don’t show in the pedalboard constructor.

Maybe that’s why it’s still in Beta

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quite possibly! :wink:
…just wanted to check that i wasn’t misunderstanding something!

Yep @plutek the plugins on Beta may have some “whys” left with no answer, that’s why they are still beta…they have still some improvements to be done and need some love :slight_smile:

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haha @jon… clearly! it’s just an “interesting feature” that a number of them don’t appear to be capable of doing anything useful in their current state! i’m used to dealing with some other beta plugins which actually do something, even if they do it unpredictably! :smiley:

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Probably it would make sense some sort of “alpha plugins” section. Something to think about.


That’s what I suggested to FalkTX actually. So that Beta really means modules that are currently being tested and in the process of being included.

Alpha would be for experimental modules that still need a lot of work ( most of current beta).