Rearrange snapshots list (MOD Dwarf)

Please add the ability to rearrange sequence of the snapshots of a pedalboard - reshuffle and reorder them.
Imagine snapshots representing songs on a set list that may change from a gig to a gig. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go through the snapshots sequentially one after another instead of scrolling every time through the whole list to find the right one.
Rearranging presets to match a set liet is a part of my pre-gig routine on my Line6 floor unit, it’s a time saver on a gig, letting you focus on performance, not on scrolling through presets.

UPDATE: As suggested by @Asger_B, the snapshots can be rearranged via Dwarf’s interface itself. So the feature request should read as “please add the ability to rearrange sequence of the snapshots of a pedalboard via web interface on a computer”.


A big plus from me. :+1:
A feature that would be very helpful for us live performers…


I’m not sure if this useful, but I thought I’d share just in case. :slight_smile:

It is possible to rearrange the snapshots on the Dwarf device. You do that by accessing the snapshots on the device itself and then you scroll with the upper left knob, and when you want to move a curtain snapshot up or down on the list, you press down and hold the knob while scrolling. And like that you can have different saves of the same pedalboard, but with different snapshot arrangements.


Thanks, @Asger_B, this actually might help! I’ll try it out tonight.
Then, I guess, the feature request will have been brought down to having the same functionality implemented in the web interface, for convenience.


Thanks ,this could work like this, but increases the number of saved pedal boards for many times.

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Well, if eventually you are able to rearrange the order of snapshots through the MOD’s interface, although not very convenient, but that does the job, doesn’t it, you don’t have to multiply your pedalboards just to have different set of snapshots, or do I miss something?

I will think over this afternoon what I mentioned :thinking: :slight_smile:

I must personally give my plus on this as well.
Although you have it on the device, having it on the WebGUI would give you a certain convenience while you are working on your pedalboards


I’d very much like this as well! I’m a MOD Duo user, but I’ve got a Dwarf coming (Tier 3 backer).

I’d also like the ability to copy existing snapshots and somehow group the snapshots in fixed size ‘banks’.

This would be my use case:
I have a Harley Benton MP-100 MIDI Controller (which is just a re-branded Meloaudio Midi Commander).
This controller has 8 buttons that can be assigned to MIDI CC or PC commands, and 2 buttons for going up and down ‘banks’ (32 max, but depending on the mode).
In Custom mode, you can configure how many buttons (4, 5 or 8) are used for PC messages, and the rest will be used for (fixed) CC messages. So if you configure it for 5 buttons, that means that buttons A-E on the device will send PC-0 to PC-4 in bank 0, PC-5 to PC-9 in bank 1 and so on.
So I would like to use these banks on my MP-100 as some sort of ‘song-templates’ so that button A is always my clean tone, button B is for rhythm, C for soloing and D/E for extras, but that I could actually have different tone for any of these, depending on the song by using the different banks. e.g. Songs 1, 2 and 3 use bank 0, song 4 bank 1, and so on.
In most cases, some of those tones might actually be the same between templates (e.g. only the extras change, or only the lead tone needs flanger for 1 song). So the ability to somehow easily copy these ‘templates’ and then change a few things would be amazing!

I can already do some of that, now, (by enabling the ’ SHAPSHOT NAV MIDI CHAN’ in the device settings), so that the Duo automatically switches to snapshot #X when a PC-X MIDI message is received.
However, it’s a lot of work right now, as you can’t move them around (at least not on the Web GUI), and can’t group them. You can sort-of copy them (activate one, then ‘save as’), but it’s cumbersome.

If, on the snapshot manage dialog, I just had a ‘group by’ facility (doesn’t even need to be saved, really: just set it to what you need, and it does it on the fly), and them have the ability to copy an entire group over, that would be splendid! I can then activate the snapshot in that new group I want to change, make the changes and save the snapshot.

Another approach might be to allow to create some kind of mapping between PC messages and snapshots. In that way, you could assign the same snapshot to multiple PC messages.
See it as a radio-button matrix with snapshots as columns and PC-message numbers as rows.


The more I thought about this approach, the more it appealed to me, but since this is something else than the TS meant, I made a separate feature request of it: Allow User-defined Mapping MIDI Program Changes to Snapshots


The Dwarf actually allows you to re-arrange snapshots from the device.
As I answered you in the other thread, couldn’t the controller send the same message from multiple controls/interfaces?
Also, can’t the virtual loopback MIDI port and the infamous mindi help you out?

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