(Real) Cabinets to use with the Dwarf

What kind of considerations should I be making when searching for a cabinet to run output to from the dwarf? Can anyone comment on the necessity of FRFR speakers?

So far, I’ve been looking at the Boss Katana 212, but I’m interested in opinions on the matter.


In the end… whatever you feel sounds best or what you find some emotional attachment to. Personally I use a pair of (Headrush) FRFR speakers, which I think adds a lot with modulated effects, swells, etc. FRFR are supposed to be well suited to digital modeling solutions (like Dwarf and especially with AIDA) since they are meant to reproduce the audio “as is” or as the modeled hardware is supposed to sound. The FRFRs are also lighter than cabinets and you can use them generally as PA speakers or as monitors, they have don’t have to be purpose-bought for just one device.

Do you already have or plan to use many cabinet IRs? If so, you probably want to favor the FRFR options since the IRs are producing the cabinet characteristics and you just want something to deliver that sound without coloring. If you don’t use IRs, or are more into just amp simulators and effects, consider using a traditional cabinet to get the extra warmth, tone, and harmonics (if those are important for you)


How do you use your frfr? standing on the floor, on a stand in 1,5m height,…?