Reaching out to Thomann customers

Dear Dwarf users who purchased their unit at Thomann

I am writing this message to ask for your support.

The MOD Dwarf is listed at Thomann and we have two very dissatisfied customers who have made negative reviews and scored the Dwarf very low :frowning:

This is being a major problem. Thomann is the biggest retailer in Europe, and the second biggest worldwide, and they are being very conservative since the reboot.

We believe one of the reasons is the low score.

We have seven reviews there. Four of them are 5-stars, one is 3-stars and two are 1-star. This makes takes our overall score to 3.6, which is very low and demotivating for potential new customers.

Given that we as human beings, have a tendency to vent out when we are angry, but not always speak up when we are satisfied, I decided to post this request here.

If you are a Dwarf user and you bought it at Thomann, it would be extremely helpful for the company if you could post a review there and speak out.

Obviously, I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable, so it is imperative that you only do it if you feel like doing so. I am just saying that it could be helpful for us.

Yours truly



I want to add, that we take all the complaints mentioned in reviews at Thomann and elsewhere very seriously.

Some of the points raised we could already improve, for others we are working on fixes, for some it’s complicated. In general we are putting a lot of effort in polishing the overall experience and making the MOD Dwarf enjoyable from the very first minute of usage.

Unfortunately the reviews are a pretty lagging indicator of this progress. We want to make sure potential customers get proper insights, reflecting the very latest state and the continuous improvements we are releasing. That’s why we kindly ask for your support.


In all fairness, I saw those reviews on thomann before I purchased through reverb.

Still ended up with an MDX and dwarf :smiley:

Unfortunately, I cant help with writing a review on a site I didn’t buy from. If its any consolation, reviews are highly subjective, and are easily ignored.

Is there anywhere else, or anything that the rest of us could do to help out?


But you are one of a kind @Elk_wrath :smiley:

In fact, our forum heavy users are, as we say in Brasil, “figurinha difícil” (translates literally to “hard to get sticker”, in a reference to those stickers that were purposely rare and hard to get, and were needed to complete those childhood sticker albums).

Most people need to invest some time to understand the MOD platform and eventually get to that “wow” moment. And the bad score unfortunately acts as a barrier for many to even start caring.

We’re coming up with more community related stuff. Having you participating is already quite a help.

And of course. The good old “tell your friends” is always welcome :slight_smile:


No problem. I bought mine from them and it’s fine.


Ah, yes, Brazil. They seem to have a rather unfortunate set up for purchasing imported goods. Some of the price differences I have heard between purchasing in the US vs there is absolutely mind boggling.

I will do what I can on my end lol. I’m currently in the middle of designing a generative ambient pedalboard on my MDX for this week. Right now I have a space theme using external gear and synths. However, once im happy with it, I’ll start sound designing with the onboard generators/internal sequencers.

I’m hoping to do some plugin specific content over the next few weeks.

Since I’m more of a soundscape/ambient style person, most of the content I’m considering will be focused on reverbs/delays/chorus/phaser plugins.

I’m gonna see if I can get my coupon reactivated, and snag as many of those new reverb IRs you released that I can.

Would having simple videos that show some of the range these plugins have be useful to the MOD youtube channel?

Until an overbridge/gui unification across 2 devices feature is available, I’ll primarily work on the MDX (more power, synth oriented imo) and use the dwarf as a mastering tool.

You have some very knowledgable and talented musicians that would be far more useful demoing the guitar focused plugins than I would haha


I just made a review. HTH


Thank you :heart: :heart: :heart:

There is a very nice review from @jetztgradnet, but looks the score is not coherent…


Yes, unfortunately I screwed up there. @friedsilence already pinged me and I have updated my review to provide the proper ratings. This will need another approval from the Thomann crew though to become visible.
Sorry for that…


I’m glad I bought mine via the funder raiser, before it went retail. I do look at other people’s review of something on a retail site, and take them onboard - but don’t use them as my eventual yardstick. I ALWAYS check out other reviews from other places including Youtube, and boy, there are a lot of them and most a very favourable. But reviews aside, I’ve discovered from my messing with the MOD Dwarf that it is not a system you can buy and just plugin and go. You have to put some effort into understanding and using it. This takes time - many months in fact for myself. It is a system that you have to allow to grow on you and with you.