Rating system in store and curated plugins

Ever since I’ve bought my Mod Duo X, I’ve been trying to sit down and set up a signal chain to use with my midi guitar pickup + guitar setup.

But for some reason, every time I sit down, I end up being frustrated and not touching it again for a while.

I think this is because I’m mainly a jazz guitarist, and complete noob when it comes to pedals etc., so I try to look around to use some pedals I think I’ll like, use it, find that I don’t really like the sound of it exactly, try to look for alternatives/or tweak a little bit, and not end up with a sound I like, and walk away frustrated.

So I think for players like me, it would be a godsend to have some sort of rating system/review system for the pedals on the store, and the results to be ordered as such, so that I have some direction on how to get started.

I also think the default presets for the synths/etc. could be improved somewhat, I haven’t been able to find anything I liked when it came to midi synths :confused:


I think the rating system would be fantastic, but in the meantime, how could the community help you to design a pedalboard that you like?

I’m assuming from your post that you are after something to create a nice Jazz tone, but I might be wrong and you may be totally interested in something else.

Could you describe a bit more what you are after?

Edit: it would be also useful that you describe your setup. Do you plug directly your guitar into your Mod device ? Then into and amp ? A FrFr ? Headphones ?


We have a separate subforum for this. Lets not “pollute” the feature request section with a discussion about how to create a certain pedalboard sound.

I like the idea of having a more straightforward way to have “community favorites” with ratings etc.
In general the pedalboard/plugin pages on the site can use some work to improve their functionality.

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True. @semmo please don’t hesitate in creating such a thread over there and please tag me on it.


@semmo This doesn’t directly address your question, but maybe you can find some inspiration here: Pedalboards - MOD Audio