Random Jam

Well I took a significant break from the internet for a while, and it was good.

I’m slowly working my way back into the saddle, and I’ve been hybridizing my set up.

I didn’t want to share anything in the content section that doesn’t have a mod unit being used, so hopefully this place is alright to share an extended live jam I recorded yesterday while my wife was painting.

I hope all is well with you all!


And… DA MAN is back! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Welcome back Elk!
Re-entry with a BLAST!


Its good to be back, seems like I have a lot to catch up on since I have returned!

Thanks for giving it a listen and hope you are doing well!


I saw this already in YouTube. I really like it, Elk-Wrath!



Thanks so much for giving my videos a watch!

I dont really get a whole lot of views, which is alright by me seeing as music is a learning hobby for me lol

I think you will like this one quite a bit, I am using the Bastl SP2 pretty heavily with track. I tamed the monster down with a good effects chain, I will try to see if I can build a similar chain on my MDX.

Might be a good little groove for some. I was a bit heavy on my kick drum, but am pretty happy with the mix for the most part.

Probably my last track I will share on the forum until I start making MOD specific content again.

Hope all is well with you and yours!


I love how you layer.
It’s sometimes hard to follow as listener if this is a “song” but from the perspective of this jam being a soundscape rather than a song, I’m completely in the vibe.

Is everything created in a sequencer or did you use a keyboard to add certain lines?
Is all sound “synthesized” or do you work with samples too?


Thanks mate!

I definitely dont make songs lol, I am far more into the soundscape style stuff.

I find this type of stuff to be relaxing for me, its like a journey through my mood, but I can record it.

In honesty, I never wanted to share any of the stuff I worked on. It was purely a hobby I threw myself into because I got to spend more time with my wife while she painted.

I’ve always been super envious of people who have the ability to compose songs and get them laid down. I cant even decide on what genre I’d want to get into if I felt that was the path I wanted to go lol

I am gonna work on developing my composition skills. I love learning, and genuinely love sitting in front of gear. I have a massive amount of free time (finally quit my job, and blacksmith at home for income), and I’ve been being pretty good about creating something every day just as practice. Or even to express myself when I need it.

In terms of samples over synthesis, I do a bit of both to be honest.

I used to use drum samples a lot, but recently I have been using synths (software, rather than hardware) to create percussion. I am missing a sub woofer in my recording area, and my kick drum is always wayyyy too flipping present and forward.

I think I prefer using someone elses samples for stuff like that, at least right now. Eventually I’ll get more comfortable and just sample my own sounds, there is zero reason for me to aggravate myself each time by tweaking drumsynths knowing I don’t have a sub lol.

I do absolutely love synthesis tho, and that is what I spend most of my time doing lol. Between hardware and VST’s, effects, daws, and all the extra stuff that went into my hobby, I could’ve bought a powerhammer and forging press most likely :confused: however, I mess with synths every day, but I don’t forge every day lol.

Generally if I’m jamming like this, I have rules for patterns, and can make things relatively generative with some LFO work on a hardware sequencer. That allows me to focus more on sound choice, effects, or little pieces of ear candy that distracts from the repetition.

Really all I want to do is make this nifty little background tracks in menus for like vidya games and stuff lol, its the stuff that kinda hides in the background out of focus but adding to the overall vibe.

Mad respect to all musicians out there that know what they’re doing. I’m an idiot and chose a path that requires me to know a bunch about everything.

Def Leppard had a one armed drummer and created great music, my drummer has like 7 arms and no regard to ethics or morals.

Not once had it occured to me that drum kits were designed to accomodate human physiology and certain sounds can not be simultaneously played without requiring extra appendages. I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could, that I didn’t stop to think if I should.

One day, I’ll remember that “less is more”, probably not today, but one day.