Anyone got a way of converting keystrokes from a standard QWERTY keyboard to midi notes, cc, or Program changes?
Bout to get me a dwarf and this seems like an easy idea for adding a whole bunch of additional controls.


Do you want that coming from a phone/tablet or computer?
I would say that from a computer that is a really simple Max MSP or Pure Data patch

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bome midi translator?

MIDI Translator Pro | Bome Software



or even just use Ableton Live as that has a keystroke MIDI keyboard built in


I’ve written a virtual MidiKeyboard as LV2 plugin here:

But, here on the MOD we need to use javascript/css to grab the keyboard input while my solution (as also the other suggested ones) using xevents for that.

A example for using javascript for it is here:


It’s not clear for me if you intend to simply plug in a keyboard on the usb-host port for this?

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there are projects to convert regular keyboard input into notes.

@brummer relying on web gui being open for this is not very practical.

in theory it is possible to open usb handles for hid events and listen to those.


Ableton is what gave me the idea.
The idea was to Plug a qwerty keyboard straight into the dwarf and then within a plug-in: map your QWERTY keystrokes to cv’s, loopers; or say a series of notes;

my idea - rip apart a QWERTY keyboard: build organ pedalboard using qwerty keyboard circuit : and have them trigger a virtual organ bass inside the dwarf.


The cheapest midi organ pedal board is… not cheap - but as organ pedals don’t need velocity - simple keystrokes on and off is all it needs- I was going to rip apart a cheap 25 key midi controller as an organ donor (pardon the pun) but a qwerty keyboard is so cheap: if there’s a way to make it work I’m all ears!


And if this is possible - it would give users a super cheap “midi” controller with heaps of buttons (alas no knobs or faders: but buttons can go along way)


Yea, my impression was (wrongly) to use it with the web editor and desktop keyboard.

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Hmmm, VMPC uses keyboard events to control the plugin as well, so hooking up a keyboard to a MOD unit for controlling a plugin isn’t the craziest idea imo.


That’s actually a really cool idea , maybe go one stage further and have joystick input too then I can be Tim exile all over again . I used to use a program VSTHOST to send midi out from a joystick years ago - a big thrustmaster flight stick. Was loads of fun dropping beats and modulating


As far as I know stuff like Playstation remote controllers can be already used. So somehow it’s what you are mentioning @Austin73

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OK will check it out when I finish work but only have xbox controllers these days - is there any particular plugin I need to use?


I don’t think so.
Take a look here. Not a lot of info, but I believe you should be able to simply map it. @falkTX am I correct?

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OK will definitely try later with the bits I have and feedback

Cheers for input


Ok so just got back from work - plugged in my XBOX One controller…

Holy FFFFFFF it works brilliantly . Just selected MIDI when you are looking to control the plugin, move the joystick or press a button and hey presto.

Just need either a way to select toggle instead of momentary, I think I’m being a bit dumb tonight but just can’t work it out.

@falkTX can I connect it via Bluetooth, or does it have to be wired?

P.S Also tried my old Buzz Quiz controllers but thats a no I’m afraid


OK had another quick go this morning pre shift this morning and really digging it now.

Think we need a dedicated plug of say 16 buttons that can be addressed to send out pc, cc, note etc as required. I know there are plenty of work arounds but it gets very messy very quick.

Also need to be able to connect via BT as this would really push the envelope. I used to use Wii controllers for a short while with glovepie if I remember correctly which Jon or James has messed with too?

There are plenty of little android / pc joysticks on Aliexpress etc that could be stuck on a guitar or synth for a bit of extra control.

And last point - do a proper video of a joystick being plugged in and used. Think it might be another ‘oh wow that’s cool’ accolade to the MOD devices as don’t know any other hardware you can do that with.

Few finished rant

Have fun and stay safe


+1. I didn’t keep track but one of the most requested plugins. A mindi x16.

really like that - put it in the hands of a kid, assign chords to the buttons and a synth and see what’s possible.