Question on "Audio 2 CV"

I´m trying to recreate a sorta audio signal sensitive wah filter effect.
I reckon, this can be created with “Audio 2 CV” & "AMS VCF",
whilst the “Audio 2 CV” works like an “Envelope Follower”, if I´m correct?

…the problem I ran into, that I really am not getting any usable results,
by meanings of I don´t ever get a “quack” out from whatever sensitivity I will play (electric strings)
So maybe the “Audio 2 CV” is not the right Plugin for my purpose?

…I am aware the CALF has this al-in-one but, I should get some comprehensive results out of the AMS VCF…

Thank you for helping!

PS.: Aside of that, some Volts - measuring equipment for Control Voltage i find to be missing, IMHO

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… to test the “Audio 2 CV” I connected its CV-Out into the Panning
of the “MOD Mixer”:
The result is insignificant, by means of there should be some Panning
if the strings get plucked in diverse intensity, correct?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do with this board.

Have you tried a pedalboard like GSYNTH:Minimal - MOD Audio and does that work for you?

It’s not the “intensity” that gives a cv signal but the “pitch”.
At one volt per octave on the guitar.

Bass guitar doesn’t work well because there are not enough vibrations in a cycle for very low frequencies.


as I remember you should use multiple gain plugins to get appriopriate gain. To make it work more stable you should also use slew meter.

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well, then it will be the “Envelope Follower”, as I have some in my Doepfer Synth Rack made by Analogue Systems.

An Envelope Follower will convert
Audio Signal Intensity 2 CV Signal -
would you agree, this is to be one controlVoltage Plugin missing in the collection of the Plugin Store?

interesting… will try

Last year I had this same question about using audio as expression, Julien has come with some ideas which worked very nice:


The audio2cv plugin indeed does not provide this functionality.

Its purpose is only for pitch tracking.

You might be talking about the AudioToCV Pitch plugin. This one, indeed, outputs a CV value related to the input pitch.

It’s a shame that the Audio to CV plugin has almost nothing in the description. Its outputs value is actually related to the input volume. I just made a test with the CV meter plugin.

So I think @Kopplog’s issue is not here. Maybe he needs an Attenuverter Booster to multiply the output CV value. Or it may be due to an incorrect use of the AMS VCF.

That’s indeed a good place to start. These pedalboards show that the use of CV plugins can be quite complex and they may help understand things where the documentation fails.

You can use the CV meter plugin.


thanks @funkypou for helping out!

It’s a shame that the Audio to CV plugin has almost nothing in the description.

Very little so, and agreed…
offering a Signalflow-Diagram for each Pedal should be obligatory (making it self-explaining)


Another question.

  • Is there a Control Voltage Pedal inverting the Voltage ?


maybe the Attenuverter?

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nope, IMHO

I though that you wanted to multiple voltage by -1

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Sorry, my mistake. Mishandled…

Helped greatly, thanks @Lukasz !

Though, not being able to getting this done with less is quite a shit-show :poop:
IMHO, there is great potential for nearly every CV-Plugin, to make them
more versatile…

…If you know what I mean… :roll_eyes: :person_shrugging: :exploding_head: :tired_face: :rofl:

PS.: Sounds wicked !


This looks amazing! Would you be willing to share the board?


I can´t share at this point, as this design will be my “backbone tone” for my upcoming performance & vinyl release - having no other :see_no_evil:
It´s for a prepared Chapman Railboard with highly customised strings anyway.

…willing to share everthing else
forgive me :green_heart:


Not a worry at all! But please post the results, if you can! I’d love to hear the tones you come up with.


for sure, will do