Question from MOD: menu button behavior

Dear beta testers,

We from MOD Devices would like to get your input on the behavior of the menu button on the Dwarf.

Currently, this button works as a momentary control (push it down, the menu shows, release it, the menu disappears)

We have received two reports of people preferring the menu button to work as a latching control (click once to open, click again to close)

I wanted to start this forum thread to continue the conversation on the preferred behavior. There are 3 possible ways to go:

  1. keep it as a momentary control
  2. make it a latching control
  3. have a setting on the device, allowing the user to choose

Which of those three options do you prefer?

Some extra food for thought: opening the menu currently has a short delay (approximately 300ms). In the near future, there will be a firmware update available for the Dwarf which almost completely eliminates this delay. Would this change your opinion on the preferred behavior?

Looking forward to hear from you


making it a setting (3) seems the most mature/user-friendly approach!


I agree, option 3 is best. I think latching would be a sensible default because as a momentary control it requires two hands to operate, which is a major departure from all the other controls on the device, and I can’t think of any good reason to justify that departure. Supporting one-handed (or foot) control for all operations makes huge sense to me because typically the user will have an instrument in their other hand.


Haven’t received mine yet, but I would think #3 would make the most sense.

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I would prefer it latching (option 2). If you can adjust it it would be best of course (option 3). The problem with the current method is that you always have to use both hands to get into the menu. If you are carrying a guitar, for example, it can be annoying because it dangles loosely when you can’t hold it.

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I agree that momentary switch doesn’t make much sense and is not practical from my point of view. At first I thought there was an issue with the button when I first started my dwarf. So yes option 3 or 2 at least for next update!

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I prefer option 3. For me latching is important, otherwise opt. 2.

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I think option 3 is the best.
but, I don’t want the operation on mod dwarf to be complicated, so I think that the change screen only needs to be a web browser.

I would also say option 3) or if that’s too much hassle option 2). I would certainly set it to 2) and never touch it again.

Option 3.

Option 3 with the latching option being the standard.
Just think of the accessibility aspect: It’s probably easier to use it this way with only one hand. I also see why the menu button being momentarily atm makes the button function a bit more obvious from a usability standpoint. Perhaps something like a latching behaviour with a delayed return to default could also be a viable option.

Thanks everyone for your feedback, in the most recent build we added the setting to select your preferred menu button behavior :slight_smile:

The new update is available now for all beta backers through the web interface.



Thanks, this is really highly appreciated. I like the added mode much better than the other one. Great work!

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