Question around factory restore and user data

As-received, my Mod Dwarf had a number of pedalboards and plugins installed. I want to do a factory reset. The advice to do a factory reset (Factory Reset Images - MOD Wiki) is to backup user data first - which makes me feel like a factory reset removes all plugins and pedalboards… If so, how do I restore my device to my ‘as-received’ condition, with the stock (crowdfunded) plugins etc?

The documentation says that the “user data partition” will be wiped, without really making clear what data is stored in the user data partition, and what data is NOT stored in the user data partition. (Of course, if I had made a backup immediately after receiving the unit, this would be a non-issue, but I didn’t)

If you perform a full factory reset from there you will get the device back to the status that you received it, meaning that all pedalboards that you have created, files that you have uploaded and plugins that you had installed will be removed.
Yet, the licenses will not be removed, so any plugins that you bought or which you have licenses for due to crowdfunding will still be yours. You just need to install the plugins again

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Thanks @jon. I understand that any pedalboards I created will be removed - but my question was more about all the pedalboards that came preinstalled (when I received it). Will factory reset reinstall them to their original factory version, or will factory reset simply remove all the pedlaboards from the device (= no pedalboards on the device)?

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The OS images from Factory Reset Images - MOD Wiki include the factory pedalboards yes