Publishing a plugin for the Mod

Hi Everyone,
We developed a new LV2 plugin together with a friend which we managed to run on the Mod. We still experience some issues (especially heavy CPU load), but the plugin is usable, and we’d like to share it with the community to start getting feedbacks.
We were then wondering what was the process to make it available on the Mod plugin store ?

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Hello @romi

Please check this post: Plugins, from LV2 project to your Duo / Plugin testers wanted

have you made a pull request?

add your plugin directory to plugins/package/yourpluginname and a .mk file, then do a pull request and falktx adds it to unstable and people can start testing.

If you are unfamaliar with git, pull requests etc. check githubs documentation:

or there’s loads of tutorials and youtube videos about it.

Hi @ssj71 !
I havn’t made a pull request yet but i’ll do one very soon !
Thank you for the info.

Hi @romi, what kind of plugin did you develop?

Hi @eggsperde,
It’s a “Freeze” pedal that is supposed to produce an effect similar to the one of the Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal (we already talk about this a few months ago on this thread).

The code is available here, if you are interested (there is a short demo video linked in the project readme). We have a few small changes to do before doing a pull request to the moddevice repo.


Ah, that’s a cool idea! I had a glance at your Python prototype; it looks very tidy and straightforward. There is no way to “freeze” Python code directly to LV2, right?

Hi @eggsperde,
I don’t know any way to “freeze” Python code directly to LV2 in an automated fashion ! that’s why it took us that long to convert it ! but we now have a working prototype in lv2 !