Prospective buyer - Polyphony

Hey guys: any advice here welcome please
I still haven’t purchased a dwarf, but probably will soon when the bank will allow it…

If I was to create a e piano Rhodes type sound with maybe a harmonic trem and reverb, how many voices / how much polyphony can I expect to have reliably?

After insane pedal board builds, This would probably be one of my main uses for the dwarf - maybe running it into the new looper also, but am still trying to work out if really can all these amazing ideas.

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@Jarrydactyl , I did a quick check for you, and this is the CPU load (36.5%) with 60 voices of a Rhodes sound + harmonic trem + reverb.

Tested by holding down a full octave of keys, and layering it with +oct, +2oct, +3oct and +4oct.


Thanks so much for testing this Jesse: really appreciate it. Yep that ticks my box. Now just to order one…


Hello Jarryd Roland @Jarrydactyl

I have moved your request into the
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I hope you don’t mind.

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Just got my Dwarf!
So pumped: the ep rhodes plugin is working like a charm, and sounds amazing.
One thing i noticed though, is the diefluid SF2 plugin overloads the CPU very quickly with not many notes, even when using a small SF2 file. any ideas?


Probably the samples are too heavy (?)

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