Profiler ? Noop. It's NeuralRecord

I know, it takes some time since I’ve pronounced the idea of a “Profiler” plug, to
“Make the process of cloning external soft/hardware a bit more comfortable”

At least, I must admit that the idea itself comes from the godfather of the MOD himself. @gianfranco
He contacted me and ask me what I think about that idea (which I now sell as my own :metal:) and if I willing to create this plug.
What I in the first glance think was a easy task, so say yes, easily doing, turns out as a long journey. At least it should be done right in order to make it a usable tool.
Should I make the story longer, okay, wait there was the following issues . . .

Noop. Here we are.

enjoy your MOD


No idea about the functions, but I already like the GUI. Thanks for pushing the limits and another fine contribution to the MOD ecosystem!


This will be a real timesaver! Thanks for the hard work :smile: . I’ve got an Eden WT-500 and a Peavy Minx 110 to profile, among other gear.


We all here owe you so much @brummer :metal: :metal: :metal:


Oh I didn’t know it was already in beta haha! So yesterday I built it from source.
Works great, thanks @brummer !

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Thanks for feedback. Good to know that it works (not only on my dwarf).

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Thank you @brummer! And I absolutely love the title of this thread! :grin:


Just set up a little pedalboard for capturing, really love this plugin!

It’s set up so channel 1 is a normal signal chain, instrument in and out to DI or amp etc. Channel 2 is the FX loop where you can place the pedal you want to record. I’ve added 2 snapshots, one that lets you play and dial in a sound and test it, once happy switch snapshot (footswitch B) to Record and start the capture (footswitch C). I’ve added some optional reverb and cab sim on the Test channel too.

Hope it’s useful for someone!


Hiya so just for clarity can I use this to capture a drive pedal for instance?
A step by step “how to” would be really useful for us noobs…

I’m borrowing the Fairfield Barbershop from a friend and i’d like to capture one of its settings.

Do I just put the plugin in the chain via channel 1 in and out to the barbershop back into channel 1 and press capture?

PS: Are these captures also possible to use with the regular NAM vst in my DAW?


To be clear, this plug didn’t do any profiling. It does the capture. That is the first step when you would like to profile a pedal or a amp.
For this step it is as you wrote above. Just connect the plug output to the DWARF to one channel output, connect this port with the gear you want to profile and connect the gear output to the DWARF input. This input channel you cennect with the NeuralRecord input. Then press “Capture”. When the capture is done (takes around 5 minutes) the plug indicate that it is ready.
Now open the file browser on the DWARF (it’s somewhere in the left down corner) and go to “/data/user-files/Audio Recordings/profiles/”.
There you find the files “input.wav” and “target.wav”. Those are the files you need to feed the profiling trainer, regardless if you would train a model for AIDA-X or for NAM. Download them and then upload them to the trainer. Follow this Guide to create AIDA-X model:

To train a NAM model there is no big difference from the user perspective, but you must search yourself for the trainer place, as I haven’t the link at hand right now.
And sure, you could use the model as well with the vst on your DAW.


Hi everyone,
I’m currently spending more time with my Dwarf and try to set everything up for easy pedal profiling.
Capturing the training data with the NeuralRecord workes quite well, but it’s a little bit of a hassle when you want to record multiple steps of some knob ( Gain, Tone, whatever ).

To speed things up I would like to capture multiple times in a row, without the need to copy everything to the desktop in between. One thing that came to mind would be a hidden knob, that lets me set an integer, that is added as a prefix to the target.wav ( target_1.wav, target_2.wav …)
This way one can record multiple times in a row, but also overwrite a file if something went wrong.


@CharlyRebell good hint. I haven’t think about that case that’s why I’ve removed the file prefixes ( like we have in the recorder plugs). I may reimplement it. It may also be helpful when you use a mod without been connected to a PC.


So it’s done. NeuralRecord allows now to record multiple profiles. It will insert the number like you suggested. As well new is now, that it will delete the record in case recording stops before the time frame has passed. So, if something goes wrong, you just need to stop recording and nothing will be saved. That will ensure that you’ll have only working files in that folder.


Awesome, thank you a lot! :smiley:

Just chiming in to say that using this plugin for modeling is a dream. No post-processing. Plug things in, hit the button, wait, upload and run the notebook. Couldn’t be simpler! Thank you @brummer !


Thanks, that is the kind of feedback helping to get a plug into the “stable” store. :metal: