Problems with Internet connectivity after disconnecting my Dwarf

Hey everyone,

I am facing an odd issue and need some advice pointing me into the right direction.

MVP setup to reproduce the behavior:
Dwarf via USB to Macbook. Macbook has two network interfaces: Wifi and the Dwarf. Accessing the web GUI of the dwarf and the internet simultaneously works perfectly.
Directly after unplugging the dwarf the internet connection is gone.

What I noticed:
It is not just my computer. It affects all devices on the network.

I assume that my router somehow recognizes the dwarf as the main DNS and cannot resolve anymore when the dwarf is gone. Only restarting the router helps. I tried setting a static DNS (Cloudflare) in the router, but that didn’t help.

Any suggestions?

You can image the reaction of my family when every time I play guitar the internet is gone afterwards :smiley:

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Wow !

In your router’s settings can you manually configure the WAN port ?

Yes, I have some options.

This is what I see:

I am not an expert but I assumed that (if it is really DNS related) changing the DNS from “Auto” to a static one should have helped… but unfortunately not. :frowning:

and when you plug your Dwarf in you PC you see in your router’s settings that it gives it an IP ?

No, it doesn’t. And it shouldn’t - right?

yes, it shouldn’t, but somehow the router does something…
If have another computer do you have the same issue when you unplug the Dwarf ?

I tried it on another PC - no joy.

I logged onto the Dwarf to check avahi and dnsmasq configs (seems to be as it should be - but I have limited knowledge) I noticed that when I gracefully shutdown the Dwarf using “poweroff” from the ssh session Internet connectivity stays intact.

That is ok for me for now - I just have to remember to not just pull the plug^^

okay, very strange though…