Preset packs

I know that most of us are avanced users - if we want sound, we make it :slight_smile:


I would definitely consider purchasing preset packs with nice sounds. There are so many sounds that could be done by this plugins that anyone could find for himself

What do you think about that?


Better than that, what about more pedalboards being shared in the pedalboards feed?
This is really something that we have been thinking about on how to engage the community for that, so your words are more than welcome.


But it would be great to have some official preset, configured by pro musicians, keybordist, guitarist, and that will have the same output level and covered many sort of style. No need to tweak, just plug and play. Actually there is a lack of unity in preset shared by users.
I understand why people are asking for that.


Not really my cup of tea, but I too understand where @Julien is coming from. The pre-installed pedalboards are an example which showcase the devices’ features and most of them are of good quality. If input and output volume are the main concern, one could algorithmically check the levels and issue a warning before such a pedalboard is published.

I guess the pedalboard feed isn’t intuitive enough for that… What I think what it’s really missing is a filter for the boards. If people could add tags to the pedalboards they are sharing it would make finding what you’d like easier. Also some user based rating or something like that would help…


I know this opens up a different can of worms, but sometimes it’s helpful if users can add tags to the pedalboards they have tried out. When the maker tags it, they have their own use in mind, but others might find something very valuable about the pedalboard which they would tag differently. A more robust system would have a list of a few tags, and numbers for each to indicate how many people agreed with the tag.

“Here is my Eddie brown sound”.
10 users agree with the “Early Eddie” tag, 400 agree with the “best thrash metal sound”

That’s useful!


pedalboards feed is a nice idea but if I first dived into it, it was very difficut to use. Try to go to 10th page and refresh the website - You will be back to beginning. Also in my opinion pedalboards without a music are not helpful.
Tags - great idea
Still - I would pay for a good, high quality presets.


I kind of left my post badly explained. The idea is to use some of those shared pedalboards - that indeed will also have pro musicians, etc - for the factory data that is shipped with the device.
Of course the ones that make it to the factory data require a curation and perhaps even small tweaks (especially per device) from our side. But not on the core of the sound.

This is also correct @roughael and something that we have been discussing. We want to put a bit of thought into improving what we now call Pedalboard feed. The tags are actually one of the main topics that we discuss to add there.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s also why we want to encourage the community to share sound samples. Perhaps also divide it into categories.
@S_Righteous what about having categories that are decided by the creator and tags that are open to the creator and to the users? Also may open a pandora box, but maybe comments…although on the good and healthy style of this forum, so perhaps curated comments (please read curated and not censured, everyone should be allowed to say whatever they want in a respectful way. Not respectful would be encouraged to rephrase it by some curators.)

I see your point. Maybe if there’s enough demand it may be something to consider.


Great idea! I think it’d be great to see what other users did with the board and also share those new versions. See it evolve in some way. Could be great for performence improvements. Maybe the same board works better with a different signal chain, etc…

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