Preset bleeding between multiple plugin instances?

Take a Switchbox 1 - 2 ST and create two named presets. Assign All to a Footswitch.
This works fine.
Take a 2nd Switchbox 1 - 2 ST and create two named presets. Assign All to another Footswitch.
Save, disconnet the device ( Dwarf ) and power it on again.
The preset Names of the two footswitches are mixed up.

That’s the way presets work. They are saved for the plugin, not for just an instance.

In some situations, it’s very convenient because if you use a plugin like an amp sim and spend a lot of time tweaking your tone, you can create other pedalboards with the same plugin and find your tone instantly with a preset.

Of course, this is problematic in your situation, where you want to have different presets in two instances of the same plugin. I might be wrong but I don’t think there’s a way of using presets at the instance level.

Maybe you should consider using snapshots as a workaround.


Thank you for clarifying, it makes total sense.

I was using the the presets as a means of naming the states of the instances.
So that they are readable on the device frontend.

A Snapshot can’t be the solution here cause the settings should be changed inside the running Snapshot.

How would you give names to the two states of the swichtbox so that they are readable on the frontend Switches?

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You can modify the label. But you can’t have 2 labels for the same parameter.

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