Preamp for voice

any posibility to made a clean preamp voice pluguin in the future?

Not special for voice, but may suite your needs?

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never thought of that @brummer ; I should try that.

Right now my vocal chain is:

mini gain—limiter—compressor—de-esser—plate echo—mini gain

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thanks Brummer!!! i will try soon and i will share my experience…i just bought the dwarf and it s amazing…a world of combinations-…one update that i wait is the posibility to switch on-off two -or more- effects with one footswtich…-in easy way hehe-


you can do this with the control to CV plugin. Here’s an example pedalboard that turns on/off 2 switch plugins when a footswitch is pressed.


oooh thanks, this pedal is like a letter to papa noel…

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i tryed the beta preamp tubes with my sm 57 and sounds amazing, thanks again