Pre-order shipping?


I pre-ordered a Mod Duo in may. I never received anything else than the Paypal’s confirmation.

I have the feeling that the pre-order devices should be shipped already (by reading the messages in this forum; it seems that more and more people received their Mod Duo pedal). I understand that the regular production is started. Am I wrong?

Is everything fine?


Amaury Bouchard

Hi @amaury

There is an update ont he current status coming out today :wink:

Hi Everybody,

My case is pretty much the same as Amaury´s. I ordered MOD Duo in April 20th and since then, only received the paypal confirmation that day. No other contact or info in my email from MOD Devices.

My question: Apart from “the waiting list is open” message on the mod portal, is there any other “status update” that you are refering to ?

I also follow every update on Kickstarter ( though I bought via, so I am not really a KS backer ) but did not see any new update either, since the last in August 9.

Thanks and regards,

I’m a preorder customer, Got the update e-mail today. :slight_smile:

I received the status email too.

Well… The status report says that shipping should have started on August 10th. I fully understand the difficulties of manufacturing a product like that for a small company. But you should have warned us 3 weeks before, when you knew that nothing will be shipped on August 10th.

Maybe I missed something, because Frederico said that he received an update on August 9th. Speaking for myself, I never received any status update before this one…


Hi @amaury

The general email only went out this weekend.

I kept holding the email sending because I was positive I would have a clear date. Once we got 10 days late I decided to send it like that.

Sorry for that


OK, thank you Gianfranco and all you guys!

Sadly I did not receive any further update by email yet, and did not get any DHL notification either…

The thing I’d really like to confirm is if my unit was already part of the last manufactured batch and if it will be shipping this late August, as it seems to be the case with Amaury’s.

So these are my questions:

-As I received the paypal confirmation on April 20th, I suppose my unit should have been already manufactured within tha last batch of MOD Duo produced, am I right?

-Should I just wait for a notification from the courier ( DHL ) or will Mod Devices contact me prior to shipping the unit to my country?


Hi @gianfranco

Thank you for these explanations.
No pressure, it’s just better when we know what’s happening.
I hope everything will be fine soon :slight_smile:


Dear @fratto,

Could you maybe contact me over
I would need your full name and the paypal email you used for ordering the MOD Duo,
Then I can answer you more specifically your questions.

But about the batches - the last batch we assembled was the last kickstarter batch #4 which was shipped to the backers. The new batch is the one going to our website sales orders.

I hope this can clarify things.

Best wishes,
MOD Team

OK, thank you Migle !

So I was mistakenly hoping my MOD Duo would have been part of the last batch manufactured, but now I get clear that those units were for the Kickstarter backers…

Nevertheless, I already emailed you my paypal confirmation!



Just like fratto I have not recieved anything at all from moddevices.
Not even an answer to my mail to the 15/8.
I ordered the Mod Duo the 19/4
I’d love some info on the status.


Dear Anders,

I was on vacation and that’s why your email wasn’t answered yet. I’ve sent you a reply.

Best wishes,

Is there any update on this matter? I’m not really in any major rush but it would be nice to get a small update every now and then to see how things progress (or not). I wouldn’t even mind if this got delayed for month as long as I’d know about the delay and the progress.

For example I am planning to record a new album in the next few weeks and the original plan was to wait for the Mod Duo but if it gets delayed too much it would be nice to know it so I could start recording the album and save the Mod Duo idea for next album. :slight_smile:

Hello @JohannesG,

Unfortunately, the delay is something we can’t control as we are waiting for the shipment from the supplier. They don’t give us much prognosis as well. We are fully ready to do the assembly as soon as we get the missing components. When we know the delivery day we will make the update with the shipping day of MOD Duos.

We apologize for the uncertainty and all the delays and hope that in the future we can control this better.

Best wishes,
MOD Team

ah, thank you very much for the update. A update about a lack of updates is better than nothing. :slight_smile:


Hi @Migle_Orange and @gianfranco,

Similar to the other posters in this thread, I pre-ordered a Mod Duo in April, and have not received a single update about the order since then - not even one of the emails which you say have been sent in the last two weeks.

I’m hugely enthusiastic and excited about this project and the amazing technology you are developing, but I think it’s really important that you communicate with your supporters regularly, especially those of us who have contributed money. Otherwise there is a risk that for us it starts to feel like a case of “take the money and run”. Currently I have no idea whether to expect my Mod Duo this month, later this year, 2017, or even later, and that’s a bit unsettling.

Delays in the development of a new project are entirely understandable, especially when you’re at the mercy of component suppliers, so personally I do not mind delays (in fact I prefer them if the only other choice is compromising the quality of the product!) as long as I am kept well informed.

As one of your strong supporters, I’m writing this not as a complaint but as constructive criticism which I hope you can take on board in order to help the project grow even stronger. Thanks for listening!



Dear @aspiers,

Thank you for your message. First of all, let me apologize for not delivered email. We had problems with the newsletter service we used and some of the emails bounced back. Unfortunately, we are a very small team and mistakes like that happen without us noticing it. Therefore, it’s good when we have someone point this out so that we can deal with the problem and solve it for the future. Your feedback is very valuable for us.

If you could please send me your PayPal email that you used when purchasing to I will make sure that your email is in our pre-sale subscriber’s list and that the email doesn’t bounce. I will also forward you the update email that we previously sent out.

I completely agree with you about the importance of customer support and often updates. As I mentioned before, we are a very small team with many tasks and we are working hard to make all of the things better for our customers.

Best wishes,
MOD Team


Thanks a lot @Migle_Orange for the quick and helpful response! Don’t worry - as an IT professional myself I know how often things go wrong with technology, and they are not always easy to spot :slight_smile: I’ll send my PayPal email to now. Thanks!

Has the enclosures been produced yet?

Hi @Andersbiork,

The enclosure has been produced and it’s been shipped to us, we are waiting for it to arrive.

Best wishes,

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