"Practical" lacks snapshots

This board, created by Mod Dwarf, is said to have four types of snapshots: reverb, clean, drive, and lead. But when I load it on my dwarf, there are no snapshots available.

What pedalboard are you talking about?

Practical https://pedalboards.moddevices.com//pedalboards/61bcce27d8a3875c5922d169

I got the impression that this was created by Mod, but apparantly its not… @sirauo

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Exactly. This was a submission to our pedalboard contest.

If they are using v1.11, the snapshots in there are not compatible with older versions, so that could be why.

Just tried it here and it works as expected.


My Dwarf is, so that makes sence. Tried to update and click on Mod releases, but that page throws 502 Bad Gateway https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Releases

Thanks for answering.

Yes, this board was created with v1.11-RC2.

Updated my Dwarf now. Pedalboard working fine. Thanks!

I think the description was just misleading “This board was created by Mod Dwarf” should read “This board was created for the Mod Dwarf”

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James, thanks for the addendum.
You’re absolutely right.

Also, To add to the use of this board, I think I’ve got the volume balance of each snapshot about right, but I will inevitably have to make adjustments depending on where I’m playing.

In that case, you can adjust the volume balance of each snapshot in the control mode, and switch the cabinet on and off. After the adjustment is complete, overwrite the snapshot to adapt it to the field environment.

Finally, adjust the volume of output1 and output2 in the menu screen to complete the performance preparation. The only operation required during the performance is to switch the snapshot.
(it is easy to register it to the menu button in advance).

In other words, in this board, the control mode is for adjusting the snapshot.

Therefore, this board is for Mod dwarf 1.11 or higher.

I’m not sure if I can answer right away, but please feel free to ask me anything about this board.