Powering off the Mod Duo

Hi there,
Sorry for disturbing with this question. I have just received my Mod Duo and powered it on to try it out. I am really happy with it. I am just wanting to know if there is a safe way to disconnect from my computer usb and if there is a recommended way to power off or whether you just unplug the power source?

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Hi Art,

welcome to this wonderful community! After saving your pedalboard you just unplug the power chord, the Duo is designed like that. In fact, there was even a discussion about a dedicated option to shut down the unit but this is simply not necessary.

As for the USB: I just leave it connected all the time. For me it does not interfere with Ethernet, WiFi nor VPNs so I just don’t touch the USB cable. The Duo is recognised as network device so once you 're done, and don’t need it anymore just pull the cable.


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Hi Frank,
Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.

Best wishes.