Powering dwarf with Cioks

I pulled off the Cioks dc7 off my old board and got the Cioks expander - this is a tiny unit that hooks into the link port on the dc7 it gives my dwarf 12V 2amps and works a treat with centre positive (red) Cioks cable.

I was was previously using a 12v battery but sick of keeping it charged - will probably keep the battery for wireless power.

I tested it with guitar and foot-switch through cc not sure how it would fare with more devices plugged in.



If you’re referring to the CIOKS Crux, I just got one of those to power the Dwarf off of my DC7 and it’s great!


Yes that’s the one :point_up:

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I use single output of DC7 to power Dwarf, and it works fine.

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Your brave

If the light above the output does not dim or stop shining it means the output can handle to power the effect. In case of Dwarf it shines like a sun :wink: It is different with DuoX, I use two outputs in parallel, so 1A at 12V does the job.

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I’ll test that ta

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