Power supply tolerance - 13,6V acceptable?

Hi everyone,

Im enjoying my new Dwarf (received just before Christmas) and playing around a lot with it.

Now I’m thinking about a question that is not urgent for me now, but would be interesting to know:
Thinking about the possibility to use the Dwarf “on the road” without access to a Power supply.

I own a portable Powerstation (Ecoflow River Pro) that is quite a nice tool for Camping etc. (its 720Wh battery can get you quite far) .
Next to an inverter supplying 230V AC, it also has a direct “12V” output using the same connector (5,5/2,1mm) as the mod power supply.
It seems like a nice feature to be able to “skip” the Dwarf’s own power supply by directly connecting the Dwarf to that Powerstation.

But there’s one problem: the PS output is handing out actually not 12V, but 13,6V DC (simulating a full car battery). This is a regulated output, so it will stay constantly at 13,6V until the battery switches off.

Would this still be within the acceptable range for operating the Dwarf?
Or should I forget about that idea and just use the “standard” way of using
Powerstation (-> internal converter) → 230V AC outlet → Dwarf Power Supply (-> internal converter to 12V DC) - > Dwarf?

Not that the second solution would be a real problem, it just seems less elegant, and of course less efficient.
Max. current is 3A, so that is not a problem.

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Someone from MOD needs to give the official scoop here, but technically speaking, 13.6V would e within the tolerance of the voltage regulator – assuming it’s a 7812 or similar one.


Since voltage regulators can get very hot, overstressing them reduces their life span by some 15-20%, if not more.

A lot of Radial Engineering users employ 18V Electro Harmonix supplies in lieu of their 15V one. Again, it’s within tolerance, but Radial folks have publicly said it will shave at least 2 years of their life span.