Pops when using Noise Gate

Hi all - I’m using a Mod Duo X.

The instrument is a Harpejji - basically four octaves from A0.

The bottom 8 strings go through one bass channel, and the rest of the 24 through a treble.

As there is a small amount of high frequency noise, I set up a noise gate.

I get a ‘pop’ intermittently when hitting the bass strings. I’ve set the threshold carefully. If I turn the gate off, then the pop goes. The treble doesn’t produce a pop.

I’ve tried off/on, and tried a blank pedalboard, and used the gate in the system settings as well as the plug-in. No difference.

Is an occasional ‘pop’ just inherent in the way it works? is the gate ‘opening’ too quickly?

For now I’m not using a gate at all.

Hi @jepowl,
I agree. I play both guitar and bass. I have noticed a clicking sound when hitting the bass while the internal noise gate is on. No problem with guitar. So, as you experienced, it seems there’s a problem with low frequencies.

Have you tried the different noise gate plugins ? I might do some tests to check if it does the same as with the internal one.

I tried the internal one, all permutations, swapping inputs etc, and also the ‘Noise Gate MOD’ and ‘Noise Gate Adv MOD’ plug-ins.

I’m not too concerned as long as it isn’t a hardware problem with my unit.

I tried a noise gate at the end of my chain, but that butchered the tails of my reverb.

Both MOD noise gate plugins share the same algorithm as the internal noise gate.
Have you tried this one ?

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Many thanks - that seems to do the trick!

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