Popping & dropouts

I wanted to ask why my Preset on the MDW
produces harsh pops and audio dropouts when
here my pedalboard, the MDW CPUs idling around
50,5% and no pops whatsoever

funny thing, when I start playing it quickly rises into red territory -
at times up to 91% - for real?

thanks for clarification

Hi Kopplog, I’m pretty sure that using the Portal plugin will solve your problem. You have to go straight from your cabsims in the mixer and in parallel send some signal via a Vol plugin in the Portal in (for each channel) .
Then Portal out → Mverb (mix 100%) → mixer.
Have a look here:

And in this pedalboard you should probably replace the mixer by a Xfade plugin ( less CPU hungry )


The pops and dropouts are probably due to the fact that you are maxing out the cpu. You have several items there that will use quite a lot of cpu - the amps and cab emulators can be heavy, and I remember hearing that the mixer can be cpu heavy. Try removing each of the items in turn and see what it is that is putting you over the top!

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In the Plugin Store select “All” .
Make a search with the name “Portal” , you should see the Portal Sink (input) and the Portal Source (output).

Did you check if you got the last release ( settings-> info) ?

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Not sure, if the Xfade does, what I need …
What I need is merging down my 2 signals:

“Left Signal = Melody Strings”
“Right Signal = Bass Strings”

into a Stereo Pan, whilst
controlled via a rocker pedal…

HEEL gives
“Left Signal = 100% Melody Strings”
“Right Signal = 100% Bass Strings”

TOE gives
“Left Signal = 100% Bass Strings”
“Right Signal = 100% Melody Strings”

In-betweens, obviously will give a panorama-mix
whilst …

MID gives
“Left Signal = 50% Bass Strings & 50% Melody Strings”
“Right Signal = 50% Melody Strings & 50% Bass Strings”

First I couldn’t find the Portal PlugIn until I realized this
(show Beta Plugins) has to be checked:

quick example of how to do that using CV plugins: