Plugins test preview/audition mode


Sorry if this is a duplicate but it just came to mind.

Would it be too complicated to add an option in, for example, the plugin shop view where individually the plugins can be quickly tested (activated from a test/preview button) if they are installed ?
I think of some sort of audition mode when activated the inputs (and outputs) are immediately connected to the plugin rather than opening the pedalboard and adding one by one and connecting the cable to get the sound out of them.

Not sure if it’s clear what i mean or i am missing something actually already exists but i am happy to elaborate if anyone interested


That is sort of one of the goals of the pedalboards feed. Yet, I agree that not in all cases it works nice to listen to a specific plugin.

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Plug in a few cables, connect to the Internet…simple! Should we expect it by the weekend? :thinking: :joy:



What’s the pedalboard feed the shared pedalboard place online where sounds can be listened to? Yeah i don’t think it allows test them singularly?

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That’s cool!

I did not mean online test but locally when plugins are installed on the device

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Hello NinU,

do you mean the pedalboard feed linked on top of the forum header?

Greetings and God bless, Marius



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Yes this one it’s nice. But indeed there is no way to test the plugins before adding and connecting them from the composer view, hence this request.
I don’t think it’s a priority but undoubtedly a “good to have” feature