Plugin to recreate the Mutron bass pedal

Hi all,

I am trying to create a setup which contains a Mutron.
Mutron was an auto bass filter, popular in the late 70’s and used a lot in funk music.
Fomp Auto Wah and Calf Envelope Filter come close but still sound ‘thin and crunchy’ while it should sound ‘thick and energetic POW’.
Anybody suggestions for other plug ins?
Many thanks.

Listen to for example with Mutron bass starting at bar 5.

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I’m not too familiar with the pedals… but I am a bass player. To keep my bottom end I blend signals. Try blending a direct fat signal from your bass with the effected signal which is thinner.
I often use a high-pass filter and send the bass-less signal to effects like distortion or chorus then blend it back together. Sometimes I put a low-pass filter on the direct signal to filter any conflicting frequencies which may clash with the effected signal. I just play around until I get the combination that works for me.

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Hi Skydiver,
Thanks for your suggestions. I fooled around a bit and it helped to mix the original in.
It also takes me time to get used to to the broad spectrum of possibilities of the Mod.

Anyone suggestions to create a ‘Mutron’ sound on the Mod?
Much appreciated!

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there’s one in testing - rkr MuTroMojo - (which is presently a bit buggy and weird) - that’ll do exactly what you want.
the devs are setting up some sort of thing to vote on plugins in testing so maybe just hold on a bit.

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Hi dan:

If you can explain what was buggy and weird about it, I might be able to fix it. I haven’t had time to test those plugins properly (which is part of why most of the rkr plugins are in unstable) so I’d really appreciate reports of any issues you find. Either here or even better at my bugtracker:

I didn’t do the original DSP nor do I have that much experience with a real mutron to say whether it has the thick and energetic sound sanderbos mentions, so I didn’t mention it earlier. I like it, but haven’t used it much. I’m sure it could use some attention.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Dan, many thanks for bringing the - rkr MuTroMojo - to my attention! This sounds like the exact thing I am looking for :slight_smile:

Hi ssj71, I will keep you posted of any irregularities I might encounter, thanks for helping!

I’m working on a plug like the Mutron, here is a first sound example:

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Hey @brummer

That sounds really cool!

Is it another analog circuit emulation?

Hi Gian

Yes, it is basically the VoxWah V847 circuit simulated, with some mods made by me to make it a Bass Wah.
It comes now with 3 modes to select from, bass, mid, orig.
The envelope is handcrafted and comes with peak and range control, additional it has a tone filter and a drive switch, and a gain control. Here is a shot of the controls so far:

I’ll load it up soon to my github repository.


Hi brummer,
That sounds like the real deal!
Any idea when it will be available?
Good job! :slight_smile:

It’s ready for linux so far:

haven’t texted it on the MOD,
If you are a linux user, you can get it here and check if it suit your needs, and if so, you may request it to be implemented in the store.

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Hi brummer,
Thanks for your reply!
I am not a Linux user (have Mac) so I am depending on the Mod store.
So I can not test it out myself, but your sound sample sounds great, I’d love to have this plugin!
What is the way to get it in the Mod store? I have no idea how.
Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @sanderbos

Well, sorry, then you can’t do much more then wait,
I’ll work it out so far and make it fit for the MOD. But, that should take several weeks.
Maybe one of the MOD devs beets me and bring it in before.
Sooner or later you’ll see it in the store after a update. :slight_smile:

Hi brummer,
Sounds great, no problem!! :slight_smile:
Will it be called GxQuack then too?
Many thanks!!

Yes, it will.

Great, I will be looking out to it, thanks for your effort! :slight_smile:

So, it coming nearer, I’ve finished the port to the MOD :slight_smile:

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Hi Brummer,
Starting to look good :grinning:
Is it available under Guitarix name?

It isn’t available right now in the store, but, it coming nearer.
I’ve it running on my MOD, playing with it right now, and I’ve pushed anything to my repository’s.
So my part is done. :sunglasses:
So now it needs to be taken by @falkTX to the store, so that you can get it.
Normally that takes again some weeks.
Then, it will be comes under the “Filter” category as GxQuack from the guitarix project.