Plugin store ratings and donate

2 things just came to mind that would be nice to have in the plugin store:

  1. Users ratings/review
  2. Donate/contribute button added to all open source plugins (showing licensing at that point would be nice, proprietary as well when that’s the case)

This is something that is already being discussed and we are looking for the best way and timing to implement it.

Do you mean to donate directly to each plugin developer? Even those that provide free plugins? Or better…this would be just for those, right?
Altough I don’t dislike the idea, there’s an issue with it, it implies that we have/get direct contact with all the devs and as far as I know that’s not always that easy.

I meant finding a way to give the users the ability to chip in some money either by name their own price when it’s possible or at least providing a direct link to the author’s website, like for instance for the X42 EQ:
EDIT: Donate/Name your price i referred mainly to free and open source plugins. Regarding licensing applies to all

I think open source projects deserve the same chance of remuneration than their proprietary counterparts, this will benefit the whole ecosystem IMO


Gotcha @NinU.

That sort of already exists.

on top of the latest version, you have the Homepage of the plugin that’s exactly that.

I saw that and it’s good.
But my point was about facilitating as much as possible the donation (or buy/name your price whatever may work) of the open source plugins.
If that’s not possible in some circumstances than a link to a donation page (paypal, whatever) in addition to the website link would be helpful i think